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10 Tips To Keep You Hydrated This Summer

Now I don’t know about you, but I LOVE drinking water.

The first thing I do once I wake up is to run to the washroom and chug back about half a bottle of water, or a full one, depending on how thirsty I am.

I have never once been told that I need to drink more water. Actually, I have been told that I over drink water, and that’s not too good for you either. Whoops. But seriously, I just love it!

www.justbeingbrooklyn.com- 10 tips for staying hydrated

I’m the type of girl who is convinced that I’m always dehydrated, and since I’m so used to constantly sipping my water, when I go more than an hour without having a sip I actually get such a parched throat and begin to develop a head ache.

Maybe this is all in my head and I’m not actually dying from dehydration, but still, I’m a worry wart!

I’m like a stray cat who meows all the time for a full food bowl. I get anxious when my water bottle is only half full.

Since I’m so good at staying hydrated I figured maybe I should share some tips with you all, since the summer heat is now in full effect!



  • Always keeps a water bottle beside you. Then you will be sipping it more often than if you had to go get up for a glass.
  • Infuse it with delicious things! My favorites are lemon, blueberries, and strawberries.
  • Invest in a filter. I don’t care about drinking tap water, but some people are vary wary about it. You can buy filters for either your jugs or water bottles, so you know you’re always drinking safe water.
  • Get a water bottle with a timer. I have a few, even though I don’t need the timer. These bottles help make sure you are drinking enough water through out the day.
  • Read up on the benefits of drinking enough water. Seriously, that stuff works wonders!
  • Maybe you don’t actually need another snack. You may just be dehydrated! If you drink water first, you won’t over eat.
  • Always keep a bottle beside you, but also keep one in the fridge to continuously swap out when your bottle is empty.
  • When I exercise, I put a bottle in the freezer. Then when I’m done my workout I have a nice refreshing & hydrating drink waiting for me.
  • Get a glass or water bottle that excites you. I love my Blogilates ones!
  • When you go for a walk, bring your bottle of water with you. I never leave home without mine!


So there are tons of tips to help keep you hydrated this summer! I hope they help šŸ™‚

How much water do you drink? Are you obsessed like me, or could you drink some more? Be honest!



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