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17 Reasons Why Autumn Is The Best

I wrote this post last year when I first started blogging. I was about to write one similar just now and then realized how similar it was to my previous post.

So you know what? I decided to take the post I wrote last year and just expand on it all on why autumn is the best. Actually the friggen best!

I’m not the biggest fan of the cold, and in summer I’m always convinced I’m overheating and about to sweat to death on the side of the street, and find proper clothing hard to find.

Well when I say proper, I mean clothes that won’t be drenched in sweat and make me look and feel disgusting. Sorry guys, truth.

Spring is okay, but it always feels so short. Like “oh hey I’m here, okay time to go, bye”.

So it’s hard to appreciate a season that I usually only get to see for, oh I don’t know, three days.

But autumn. Autumn likes to let everyone know that it’s here. While not here for too long, enough to make us miss it when it’s gone, and anticipate its next arrival.

Here are some of my favorite things about autumn

  1. Having an excuse to drink several tea pots a day. My favorite is green, but really all types of tea is great.
  2. Rainy days under the covers with lots of tea, books, and binge watching Netflix. Seriously, what’s cozier? Oh right, nothing 😉
  3. Knowing Christmas will soon be arriving, and anticipating the Christmas movies I’ll soon get to watch. Elf, Home Alone series, Santa Clause is Coming to Town, A Year Without A Santa Clause, The Grinch (live action & cartoon), all of them!
  4. HALLOWEEN! (The day, not the traumatizing movies)
  5. Watching Hocus Pocus
  6. The Halloween Town series
  7. Getting to watch scary movies all month long without looking like a weirdo. (When I tell people that the Texas Chainsaw series are my comfort movies I get the weirdest looks. Well in autumn it’s FINE :D)
  8. The fashion; layers, scarves, leggings, long sweaters, etc
  9. The food; soups, chili’s, stews
  10. Evenings getting darker, earlier
  11. The general coziness
  12. The autumn leaves on the ground
  13. Thesound of crunching leaves under your feet
  14. Getting to wear slippers in the evenings. Who am I kidding? I’ve been wearing slippers since I woke up!
  15. All of the Halloween music
  16. Re-watching Halloween movies that I loved as a kid, such as Mr.Boogedy, Bride of Boogedy, The Halloween Tree.
  17. Planning how I would decorate the house if I were rich and had more space

I would gladly love in a world where it was autumn year round! If only it lasted longer…

Do you love autumn as much as I do? What’s your favorite holiday?


Photo of myself standing in front of the 12 apostles, showing how windy it is

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