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2022 Year In Review

My Life's A Travel Tribe Group Photo infront of one of the Great Pyramids
My Life’s A Travel Tribe Group Photo!

2022 was a year I can look back on as healing. I feel that I’ve grown quite a lot as a person, have learned to set boundaries better, finally travelled again after not doing so, outside of Canada, since the Pandemic began, I finally went to the number one country that I’ve wanted to visit since I first learned of its existence, learned that just because you desperately wish to connect to a place doesn’t always mean you will, and reignited my passion for writing.

I read more books than I have in years, developed stronger bonds with those in my inner circle, cut out several friends who dimmed my glow, learned to communicate with others in ways that they could open up more, and saw more of my family this year than I had in half a decade.

I took 10 flights, saw the Northern Lights, made more new friends than I could have hoped for, and already have several trips planned for 2023.

Our jeep in the White Desert
Our jeep in the White Desert

2022 Year In Review

I barely remember the first half of 2022 if I’m being honest. With my dream trip to Egypt coming up in September I spent as much time as I could working, getting in all the extra hours so that way I needn’t worry about money while gone. I went to Egypt with Alyssa, from My Life’s A Travel Movie, and then continued on my own for 5 days.

When I wasn’t working, I was most likely to be found with friends. I’ve always been a social butterfly. Extremely extroverted, I thrive on social settings. This year I spent more time with friends, some old, most new, than I had since university.

Two New Countries

Let’s be a bit more technical though – two weeks in Egypt, and 24 hours in London. Does that count as a new country? Technically I suppose, but I definitely need to plan a whole trip to England (The UK as a whole really).

My two weeks in Egypt were MAGICAL. Exquisite. Soul changing. I have been dreaming of Egypt for as long as I can remember. I *still* dream of becoming an Egyptologist. I have quite a few posts coming up about that trip, so stay tuned!

I also spent 24 hours in London. As someone who has spent her whole life being obsessed with all things English history, the medieval royals, and just felt such a connection in general to England, London was a terrible trip. I wasn’t expecting the people to be so rude. Workers at the train stations all gave me different information, meaning I spent more on transit in 2 days in London than I spend in a month in Vancouver. No one knew what they were talking about.

I had all my maps saved and my routes planned out, but with the Queen having passed not even a week prior, the city was in chaos. Many of the routes I planned to take were blocked off. My cards, which worked perfectly in Egypt, wouldn’t work in England, meaning a sweet man had to buy my dinner for me. It was just such a ridiculous experience.

I will definitely be going back, because I know I went at the wrong time, but unfortunately I had had this booked before the Queen passed, and there was just nothing I could do about it.

White Tower at the Tower of London

2023 Travel Plans

As of right now I have very little travel plans for 2023, but what I do have in store is really exciting!

End of February I’m heading off to Roatan, Honduras, to get PADI Certified! This is something I’ve always wanted to do, and now that I’m 31, it’s really about time. I’ll spend a week getting Certified and diving in Roatan, which is supposed to be home to some incredible diving spots!

And then towards the end of October or early November I’m hoping to go to Churchill, Manitoba, to see polar bears in the wild.

This is a dream Canada trip for me. Churchill is known as the polar bear capital of the world, due to the bears coming out of the wild so they can hunt and fish the ice of Hudson Bay. Now, it is expensive, so I’m leaning more towards booking a couple of day tours, rather than the epic Tundra Buggy (one day this may be in my budget, but not today!).

Other than those 2 plans I have nothing concrete. But I am so looking forward to seeing polar bears in their natural environment and discovering the world under the sea.

Now that I’ve written this 2022 Year In Review, I already have several posts written to come out this month.

I’ve missed blogging so much, so here’s hoping I keep it up better than I have the last few years. I’m the first to admit, when I’m working with children so much, it can be hard to find the energy and inspiration to write. But oh how it centers me. Here’s to putting out good vibes to write more, explore more, live more, smile more, treat the Earth as good as I can, and take care of those around me. Cheers to 2023!

2022 Year in review
Me standing at the Catacombs of Alexandria

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