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31 Days Of Horror Movies

31 Days Of Halloween

Around this time last year I wrote a post titled 102 Halloween Movies You Must Watch Before Halloween. I still stand by this post. Of course, there are now a few more horror movies out that can be added to this list. IT, Annabelle Creation, The Bye Bye Man, Mother, Happy Death Day, It Comes At night….there are so many to be added.

But I know that not everyone is a horror freak like me. Not everyone has a crazy obsession with Halloween, serial killers, paranormal activity, and all things creepy.

So here is a little list.

A little list giving you a “scary” or “not so scary” Halloween or Horror movie to watch each night of October, to get your feet wet, and to get you in the Halloween spirit!

31 Days Of Halloween

  1. Hocus Pocus
  2. HalloweenTown (1-4)
  3. James and the Giant Peach
  4. The Addam’s Family
  5. Casper the Friendly Ghost
  6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  7. The Exorcist
  8. Nightmare on Elm Street
  9. Friday the 13th
  10. House of Wax
  11. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  12. The Strangers
  13. You’re Next
  14. House at the End of the Street
  15. Scream (1-4)
  16. Creep
  17. House of 1000 Corpses
  18. The Devil’s Rejects
  19. Insidious (1-3)
  20. The Conjuring 1 & 2
  21. The Amytiville Horror
  22. 31
  23. Alien (all of them!)
  24. Paranormal Acitivity
  25. Sleepaway Camp
  26. The Haunting in Conneticut
  27. Mama
  28. The Skeleton Key
  29. Child’s Play
  30. Deliver Us From Evil
  31. Halloween

Okay, so technically there are more than 31 movies on here but I just get so excited when it comes to horror/Halloween movies.

I think I did pretty good though, starting the first week with fun Halloween movies, not really horror.

If you’re like me though and you watch these movies year round, check out my 102 movies list, I’m sure you’ll find something to watch on there!

Have you seen these movies?
Do you have movies that you watch every Halloween?
What is your favorite horror movie?


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