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6 Things To Do In Sydney

I suppose I should have actually titled this post “6 Things To Do In Sydney in 48 hours”. I only had a very quick weekend in Sydney, and since I had thought I would be working I didn’t have anything planned or booked at all.

I was staying with my host family in an apartment just a few minutes away from Bondi Beach, and we arrived on a Saturday afternoon. During lunch they met up with their family and told me to go do whatever.


I ended up having most of Saturday to explore and all dayΒ Sunday. Since I had no plans I racked my brains thinking of things that just NEEDED to be done while I was there.

I came up with 6 things that I knew I couldn’t leave Sydney without having done, so here they are!

  1. Stroll Circular Quay. I arrived in Circular Quay to sunshine and rainbows (okay no rainbows, but loads of sunshine!) so I wandered around taking pictures and then decided to go take a nap on the patch of grass I found behind the Opera House. Then I heard thunder. Great….so I found shelter with some other people while we waited for the storm to pass. As quick as the storm had come it was gone again. The weather during this trip was very moody!
    6 Things To Do In Sydney
  2. Ferry to Manly Beach. I was supposed to meet up with some friends that evening. I took the ferry in the dark over to Manly Beach where they were supposed to meet me. They didn’t. They fell asleep.. But at least I got some incredible views and it wasn’t really out of my way.
    6 Things To Do In Sydney
  3. Bondi to Coogee walk. I woke up to wonderful sunshine Sunday morning. Immediately I decided to do the Bondi to Coogee walk, since I had heard so many incredible things! The views were some of the best I had ever seen. If you want to read about that whole experience, I’ll leave my post here.
    6 Things To Do In Sydney
  4. Taronga Zoo. After my walk I decided to go to the famous Taronga zoo. The only thing I had really heard about this zoo was that it had stunning views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Since my zoo pass that I had for home in Melbourne would grant me free admission I decided to head over! It was a very quick ferry ride. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived, it decided to pour again. Oh well, I bought an umbrella and explored!
    6 Things To Do In Sydney
  5. The Harbour Bridge Climb. I actually hadn’t originally planned to do this climb. Tickets were expensive and I hadn’t booked in advance, so I didn’t think I would be able to anyways. On the Sunday morning my host dad asked me if I was going to do the climb and I said no. He quickly called the company and found out there was one spot left that evening, so I booked it and had a sunset climb! I didn’t purchase any of the photos of the climb. I didn’t like them, they didn’t look like the greatest quality, and I was much shorter than all the other people on the climb so I could barely see myself. However, the climb itself was SO fun! I had been worried I wasn’t in good enough shape, but the climb itself goes slowly and isn’t at all difficult.
    6 Things To Do In Sydney
  6. Wander the Rocks area. Did you even go to Sydney if you don’t wander the Rocks area? I don’t think so! The Rocks is where the Europeans first settled in Sydney, and as such is full of history. My favorite! The area is right in the city center and borders Circular Quay, so it is such an easy place to get to. I wandered around at night, and looked into the shops. I loved how some steps were cobblestones and there were cute little lanes and alleyways. I normally wouldn’t explore a new area at night, but there were loads of people about and shops open everywhere so I felt very safe.

And that is what I got up to in 48 hours in Sydney! It was very packed but felt like a good pace. I didn’t feel rushed as I was just doing what I wanted and exploring.

What are some things you think need to be done in Sydney?

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6 Things To Do In Sydney


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