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8 Top Puerto Vallarta Travel Tips

Our drinks and nachos at the beach in the fishing village

One of my favorite things about Puerto Vallarta was how helpful everyone was. Locals and tourists alike would always go out of their way to help out. Whether it was a recommendation or helping me call Canada (keep on reading to find out about that one) someone was always ready to help.

Planning your own adventure? I wanted to share my top Puerto Vallarta travel tips with you today.

Puerto Vallarta Travel Tips

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Tip #1- The Airport

As soon as you leave customs and turn the corner to where the public can stand, people will be trying to convince you to buy a timeshare. They find out which plane had landed most recently and will call over to you “Hey! (airplane name)? You come over here!”.

You do not need to go over there. You do not need to buy a timeshare!

A woman and her husband that we met coming off the plane grabbed us and pulled us away when we thought we had to go over haha! Thank goodness for them.

Tip #2 – Try to take out as many pesos as you think you will need.

A lot of places accept credit cards, but not everywhere does. You will most likely end up using your pesos more than you think, and the atm’s are not always safe. I had been advised to only use the atm’s at the resorts, so that’s what I did. But while at the Westin hotel I attempted to use my debit card to withdraw more pesos. I tried twice, but both times the atm spit my debit card back out at me and said it would not work.

Scott used his visa no problem, so we went about our day.

Later I checked my mobile banking app and saw more than $110 Canadian dollars had been withdrawn. I tried calling my bank from my phone but it wasn’t working.

The concierge ended up helping us call Canada from one of the front desks, and let me speak to someone for over an hour. They think that someone put a device in the atm that got my card and pin info.

Next time I think I will only use my Visa directly, or only use pesos. No more atm’s for me. That was too much hassle.

The ocean at the Westin

Tip # 3- How to get a taxi from the airport.

After going through customs there will be a lot of vendors and other people inside. Walk to one of the people holding a TAXI sign. They will ask you where you’re going, and then bring you over to a counter where you prepay based on which zone you are going to. After you pay, the person will then bring you to the line of taxi’s and wait with you until yours comes. They will let the driver know where you are going, and put your bags in the trunk for you. Don’t forget to tip them!

Tip #4 – Negotiate with your taxi drivers.

Other than at the airport where the zones are preset, you can always negotiate the cost with your taxi driver. Before getting in ask the price. If it seems too high, ask for less. They are always happy to negotiate.

Tip #5 The yellow taxi’s are cheapest.

After getting off the airplane we met an older couple who helped show us how to get a taxi from the airport. Before leaving they told us that the yellow taxi’s are cheapest. We took a few different color taxi’s, and agree that the yellow taxi was the cheapest for the furthest distance.

Tip # 6- How to hail a taxi

If you are leaving from your hotel, you can simply ask someone at your hotel to call you a taxi. Most hotels in the marina zone will have people working at the doors, specifically to call taxi’s for people.

If you are out in the town, there will be plenty of taxi’s driving around. You can just wave your arm up and make eye contact, and they will come over to you.

But chances are you will see several taxi’s pulled over with the drivers ready to go whenever you are!

Crocodile in the water, seen through a fence

Tip #7- Tipping culture is very real.

You are expected to tip for all services here, not just at restaurants. This helps the workers out so much. For example; always tip your tour guides, taxi drivers, servers, concierge, those who work the hotel doors and lobbies and help you out. (For a good article on tipping culture in Mexico, tripsavvy has a great one!)

Tip #8 – The Bus

The buses in Puerto Vallarta are actually quite easy! This article from Visit-Vallarta is what I used while there, and is SO detailed! If you do get confused though you can ask the driver. They will most likely do their best to help.

Which Puerto Vallarta travel tips am I missing?

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