The Cons Of Living In Vancouver

With so many pros to living here, it can be easy to overlook the cons of living in Vancouver, and there are some pretty big cons that prevent people from moving to the city.

Being In Wonderland At The Alice: An Immersive Experience

A dressing table with mirror on it. On the table are dozens of Drink Me bottles

Vancouver is a city of events, there is always something going on. Right now there is The Alice: An Immersive Cocktail Experience. This is being done by the same organizers behind the Harry Potter inspired Wizards Den, and the upcoming Peter Pan and Aladdin themed experiences.Β 

My Ultimate Egypt Bucket List

In September 2022 I travel to Egypt, something I’ve been dreaming of for years. Here is my Ultimate Egypt Bucket List, to inspire wanderlust!

12 Pros To Living In Vancouver

Aerial view passing Stanley Park

There are so many pros to living in Vancouver, from the natural landscapes to the man made Granville Island, the food trucks to the high end restaurants!

Why You Don’t Have To Quit Your Job To Travel The World

Photo of the Loch Ard Gorge, the ocean very blue. A Melbourne photo essay.

It seems that these days we are constantly being told that we need to quit our jobs, sell everything we own, and travel the world to truly be fulfilled. To that I say NOPE! I really don’t think you have to quit your job to travel. We can be fulfilled so many other ways.