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26 Affordable Hotels In Cairo

Me at the Mena House in Cairo, with the pyramids in the background. I am in a garden surrounding by flowers, and there is a slim waterway

Over 20 million people call Cairo home; add in the thousands of tourists the city receives per month, finding affordable hotels in Cairo may seem intimidating. Fear not though fellow traveler, as I had too much fun searching for the most affordable hotels I could in Cairo.

22 Affordable Hotels In Puerto Vallarta

Desk and tv at the Marriott

If you’re headed to Puerto Vallarta and looking for accommodations, you are truly spoiled for choice! This article is dedicated to the affordable hotels in Puerto Vallarta, the ones that won’t empty your wallet, giving you more money for food and activities!

The 5 Best National Parks in Utah

Are you thinking of a trip to Utah to check out the National Parks but don’t know where to start? Here we detail the 5 best National Parks in Utah, and what draws the crowds.

Glamping 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Glamping in Comfort and Style

Our van and canvas tent, on the white sands of the white desert. In the sky, which is deep blue, are countless stars.

If you love the great outdoors, then you likely already recognize that traditional camping has a wide range of possibilities when it comes to modern amenities (think RV camping vs. pitching a tent). But get ready for the new kid on the block: glamping. Here we have your ultimate guide to glamping. We’re going to break […]

22 Top Tips For The Solo Female Traveler

Me, knelt down, gently petting a small kangaroo

Are you looking for tips for the solo female traveler? I hope so, because this post gives you 22! I’ve done all types of travel; couples, family, and group, but my favorite by far is solo travel. As a solo female traveler, I want to share with you all of my top tips to keep you safe.