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A Day In The Life Of A Kitten Sitter

A day in the life of a kitten sitter

For 24 days this summer I am kitten sitting. I’m nearly finished and both happy and sad about it. I’m happy to get to spend more time at my home, and not have to get dressed and bus across the city every day. But I’m so sad about it because I have really bonded with the kittens. I have done weekends with them before but never three and a half weeks, and it’s been a blast. Who doesn’t want to cuddle kittens daily? I thought it would be fun to write a post about a day in the life as a kitten sitter, because it’s something that I would love to read myself.

Since there is plumbing work going on I stayed with the kittens late last night, and will be heading to the house in the afternoon. After a nice sleep in and relaxing morning at home, I head on over.

1:01 p.m – I walk in the door, preparing to have Twix, the black kitten, come running at me in an escape attempt. I brace myself. She just stares at me. I wonder why she isn’t trying to make a run for it and realize Fresca, her sister, is eating vomit.

1:02 p.m – I pull Fresca away from the vomit and go get paper towel to clean it up. As I get back to the vomit, Twix is having her turn. I quickly pull her away and clean it up.

1:05 p.m – After a round of cuddles I put on the kettle for coffee, and make a piece of peanut butter toast. Twix is very interested in both the peanut butter and the coffee and tries to snack on both. No thanks vomit breath.

1:10 p.m – I’m sitting flipping through tv channels and trying to push Twix away from my coffee cup. She does not need the caffeine.

1:23 p.m – Twix is trying to attack the corner of the couch, right where I am sitting. I get nailed in the thigh.

1:32 p.m – Fresca notices the neighbors cat wandering in the backyard and tries to go join her outside. I don’t think she realized that windows are made of glass.

1:37 p.m – Twix comes over for cuddles, and tries to erase the beginning of this post. I don’t think she wants her secrets shared.

1:43 p.m – I started singing Hot Blooded and this happens. So cute.

A day in the life of a kitten sitter

2:00 p.m Twix feels left out and climbs onto my chest. I love all the cuddles <3

A day in the life of a kitten sitter

A day in the life of a kitten sitter

2:30 p.m – My bladder is full and I feel guilty having to move to cozy kittens. Fresca hops off but Twix pretends to fall asleep and refuses to move.

A day in the life of a kitten sitter

2:32 p.m – Both kittens follow me into the bathroom. They love watching the toilet flush. Twix thinks it would be fun to destroy the roll of toilet paper. After losing many toilet paper rolls, I manage to save this one, just in time!

2:33 p.m – I sit back down on the couch. Fresca comes back for cuddles while Twix watches the outdoor cat that wanders around the neighborhood. It is currently outside in the backyard, watching us.

2:42 p.m – Twix meows and comes back over to Fresca and I for cuddles.

3:29 p.m – A bird hits the window and Fresca jumps off my chest, startled. I get scratched in the process.

3:32 p.m – I begin making a late lunch and the cats are very interested. I’m making a buddha bowl and it smells amazing. The kittens think so too.

4:00 p.m I eat my buddha bowl, with both girls sitting quite close to me. Who knew kittens like the smell of veggies?!

4:25 p.m I sit down to watch YouTube. One kitten is licking the clean dishes, the other looking out at the squirrel playing outside.

A day in the life of a kitten sitter

A day in the life of a kitten sitter

4:44 p.m – Kittens are playing tag and meowing loudly. It’s adorable.

5:00 p.m – Fresca comes to cuddle. I smell poop. I take a warm damp paper towel to try to clean the piece stuck on her bum. She hates me and is plotting my murder.

5:10 p.m – Both kittens are ignoring me. Probably worried I’ll try to clean their bums.

5:30 p.m – I decide to do an online 30 minute cardio workout. Fresca thinks she’s helping me by trying to trip me. Twix loves watching the screen.

6:05 p.m – I shower and the kittens run around the house.

A day in the life of a kitten sitter

A day in the life of a kitten sitter


6:14 p.m – Both kittens eat some of their food.

6:21 p.m – Give the kittens some more food. They ate most of their bowls. They get excited!

6:22 p.m – Over the food. Now they are running around playing with a little lid they found on the ground. So entertaining.

7:18 p.m – Get on the ground and play with the kittens. They have so many fun toys.

7:40 p.m – More kitten cuddles <3

8:30 p.m –  Give the kittens kisses and cuddles, refill the water bowl, change the litter, give treats.

8:40 p.m – Time to head out. I’ll be back in the morning.

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