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Appreciating Vancouver

Appreciating Vancouver

I had no plans to post anything today. I had some errands to do this morning, then my only plans for the day were to hangout with Scott and watch Once Upon a Time (so addicted).

Last night Scott and I were doing our annual Halloween tradition. We order a pizza, and watch the Nightmare on Elm street movies. This year we were starting on movie 5. I had told him how the night before I had been hearing and seeing fireworks going off. Last night the fireworks were going off from about 5 pm, which just saying, was way too early as it wasn’t yet that dark. The fireworks lasted until around 4 am.

Around 10 pm I bundled up (I mean I was wearing shorts, sweat pants, a shirt, a sweater with a hood, and two fleeces, with socks and slippers) and went out on the balcony for about half an hour. The fireworks were too loud at that time for us to hear the movie.

While out there there were fireworks going off in all directions. From my balcony I can only see about half of the city, and onwards to Burnaby and beyond, but at one point I counted 24 different sets of fireworks going off.

Yes it was loud, but my goodness, it was beautiful. I’ve never been crazy about fireworks, but standing there, freezing my face off, seeing bursts of purple, orange, green and silver glitter all around me just made me so happy. It felt like such a special moment.

I definitely never would have seen this if I didn’t live in the apartment I live in now. Even though it’s tiny it works perfect for us, and has such stunning views every day.

I’ve never lived somewhere where lighting an insane amount of fireworks on Devil’s night and Halloween was a thing. So if I wasn’t living here I never would have the opportunity to have seen such a show.

Also, it was super windy and raining out, yet somehow the fireworks managed to go on non-stop for approximately 11 hours. (Actually 12, since we jumped back an hour) 12 whole hours of fireworks in the wind and rain. Not something I could have anticipated. And I didn’t even have to leave the apartment.

I tried to take photos but my camera just couldn’t focus.

Also funny story, at one point I was watching 6 different fireworks going off in one direction, and it was close to the apartment building beside me. One guy had his blinds open and I guess from his angle it must have looked like I was staring in at him (creepy) and I saw him jump. Then he came out on his balcony (probably to tell me off) and realised that I was watching fireworks that were right beside his building. I could see he felt like an idiot. He then went to watch the fireworks and play it cool. I cannot imagine how loud his TV was for him to not hear 6 different sets going off right near his building.

It was just one of those days/nights yesterday with the rain and fresh air, and the randomness of so many fireworks to celebrate Halloween that put me in such a great mood and really made me appreciate the beauty of this city.

Sometimes it feels hectic, and I feel like I’m always hearing sirens and construction and can never get enough sleep, but when I stop to think about all that this city offers, and how its such an easy city to navigate, not to mention the gorgeous weather, I really appreciate where I’m living right now.

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