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August Round Up – The End Of Summer

Hello September! My third favorite month of the year. I get so excited when September rolls around because it means a few very important things: Summer is ending, and cooler weather is coming. October is one month away! To me, October is the Month of Halloween, aka, the best month of the year. December is coming soon. I get very festive for Christmas. And I get to be cozy all the time. I’m talking fairy lights, candles, leaves, my duvet, sweaters, scarves. All the good stuff.

But before we can get to all of that, we need to do an August round up post.

A day in the life of a kitten sitter

Why I'm a lifestyle blogger

Scenes From Summer


I have Love it or List it Vancouver on in the background and am ready to reminisce about this month past.

August was really fun. I had my birthday August 3rd. You can read about that in this post here.

I spent lots of time outside with the kids I nanny, and with Scott. You can see all the photos in this post here.

I also spent 3.5 weeks kitten sitting. Want to know what goes on in the day of a life of a kitten sitter? Here you go!


I love reading but like most adults, don’t read as much as I’d like to. With kitten sitting I had plenty of opportunity to read this month. I read The Cuckoo’s Calling, and The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith, aka J.K Rowling. I also started the third and final book in the trilogy, Career of Evil. This series is an easy read but very thrilling. It’s easy to get addicted!

TV Shows

The best thing I watched this month was a Netflix comedy special. Bert Kreischer: Secret Time. I’m often told I’m the worst person to watch comedy. I laugh more inside than out loud. However, this special had me laughing out loud on many occasions!

Now that September has started I’m excited to get back to work like usual and back into routine!

How was your summer?

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