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Brighton Bathing Boxes

The Brighton Bathing Boxes in Melbourne, Australia, is a gorgeous sight to behold.

What used to be Melbourne’s favourite beach is now a huge tourist destination.

I don’t know about you, but I would never think of bathing boxes as such a special tourist destination.

Is it just me? Why would I want to go stare at the boxes that those who own them can change their clothes in?

What’s interesting about these bathing boxes in particular are that they are still the same as they were 100 years ago. No electricity or plumbing has been installed.

There are 82 boxes remaining, and most are owned by the city.

A few of the boxes are owned by residents of Melbourne, and those who own them are allowed inside, while tourists are unable to see what the insides look like.

My guess is inside is just storage or empty space to actually change into bathing suits.

I saw a family set up a picnic table in front of their bathing box and run inside to change.

I thought it was really nice to see a family enjoying their box, since from what I gather is that since the city owns some of the boxes they just go unused and unloved.

Also, the reason the city owns so many is probably because each box sells for about $260,000…

Why I’m getting sentimental over a bathing box, I’m uncertain.

I guess it’s just the history surrounding them, and how beautiful and unique each bathing box is.

I find it interesting how even if you own one of the bathing boxes, there are still rules that you must abide by.

Some of these rules include that you must not use the box for advertising purposes, and you cannot repaint the box. You cannot sleep inside your box, or rent or sublet your box.

There are tons of other rules, but those are just a few.

Ready to see a few photos?!?!


Seriously, how cool and gorgeous are these bathing boxes?!?!

I can’t imagine spending $260,000 on one though….

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  1. I used to live right around from Brighton, some of the boxes are really nicely decorated! Oh my gosh I didn’t know they were that expensive. I learnt that the boxes were all moved except for a couple that are more distanced that the rest because a huge wave came in and damaged quite a few of them.

    Sally – DiagonSally

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