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Brunch at Vancouver’s Jam Cafe

Jam Cafe Vancouver

As I stood there in the rain I couldn’t help but wonder “Is this worth it?“. The wait was just over an hour, it was cold and rainy, and I was hungry and ready to eat. Since my friend from university was in the city visiting I knew I wanted her to eat at only the best restaurants that the city had to offer, and the Jam Cafe was highly recommended. So, was everybody right? Was brunch at Vancouver’s Jam Cafe worth a cold, hour long wait?

My answer to the above question is a resounding YES! I would happily, and will happily, wait an hour outside in the rain to eat there again.

Whenever I mention breakfast or brunch spots in Vancouver, people always tell me to try to Jam Cafe.

With locations in Kitsilano and on Beatty street, The Jam Cafe is quite possibly the best breakfast I have ever eaten. We chose to dine at their location on Beatty street, and then head out to some shops afterwards. The Beatty street location is actually Jam Cafe’s second location. The original restaurant was born in Victoria, BC.

Vancouver's Best Brunch, Jam Cafe

Vancouver's Best Brunch, Jam Cafe

Vancouver's Best Brunch, Jam Cafe

Vancouver's Best Brunch, Jam Cafe

Once inside we were seated and handed our menus. Everything looked so delicious that choosing just one thing was hard. We both had a mimosa to start, which was very good.

In the end my friend went with half an egg benny, and a side of waffles. This “side” was really big, so luckily for me she shared!

As someone who doesn’t really like sweet breakfasts I can say, they were delicious! With caramelized apples with cinnamon, I could see myself ordering these as my whole meal.

The cafe had lots of veggie options for me, and I ended up going with their Herald Street omelette. In my omelette I chose cheddar and spinach, with sourdough toast and hash browns as my sides.

Vancouver's Best Brunch, Jam Cafe

Vancouver's Best Brunch, Jam Cafe

As mentioned above I am not a sweet breakfast person, and always put my eggs on my toast to eat. They added a side of jam (I think it was blueberry) so I decided that since the cafe is called Jam, I needed to give it a try. This jam was the best jam I have ever eaten, and I ended up using it all up!

We both left the cafe absolutely stuffed, but kept commenting to each other how delicious our food was, and how we need to go again next time she visits.

10/10 I recommend. I will most certainly be back!

To know


Victoria – 542 Herald Street

Vancouver- 556 Beatty Street & 2153 West 4th, Kitsilano

All locations are open 8am-3pm, and do not take reservations. So expect to wait in line.

Their Instagram is here, check it out and be prepared to drool!

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