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Bungee Jumping In Taupo, New Zealand

Bungee Jumping in Taupo New Zealand was last updated on October 10th, 2023.

If gorgeous lakes, honeybees, hot springs, and adventure sports are your kind of thing, you must visit Taupo, New Zealand.

Home to the country’s only cliff-top bungee, bungee jumping in Taupo New Zealand is an experience every adventure sports junkie needs to have!

The views of the Waikato River underneath you as you stand on the platform waiting to jump are unparalleled. While you anxiously await your jump here you can’t help but be awed by the colours of the water you’re about to dive over.

I think Taupo is the perfect place to experience your first bungee jump. Originally I had hoped to do my jump in Queenstown, but after doing my bungee jump in Taupo I can confirm, that this is the way to go if you’re on the North Island.

Bungee Jumping in Taupo New Zealand

My Experience Bungee Jumping in Taupo, New Zealand

I had been feeling weirdly calm up until this point. Everyone kept asking me if I was nervous. I would just laugh it off like being nervous was a ridiculous thought. Now all I could think was “What on earth was I thinking? I must be crazy”. But so many others before me had taken the leap…Time for bungee jumping in Taupo, New Zealand.

I started my day in Rotorua. Finally, I managed to go to Hobbiton with Hobbiton Tours, which was the entire reason I chose to explore the North Island.

Since I had been told the previous day that my bungee jump would probably be cancelled due to maintenance, I wasn’t in such a rush. I slowly made my way through the light rain back to my hostel, the YHA Rotorua, and called Taupo Bungee to find out whether or not my jump was actually cancelled. Turns out it wasn’t. Eek!

I rushed out to my Jucy rental car, hopped in, and off I went!

I had less than an hour to get from Rotorua, find my hostel in Taupo to check in, and then find my way to the bungee jump.

Bungee Jumping in Taupo New Zealand
The bridge to the platform

On my drive to Rotorua, a construction worker was stuck on the side of a mountain, so I was stuck waiting for him to be rescued. I spent the wait chatting with some of the construction workers, telling them about my upcoming jump. They got excited for me and let me pass through so I wouldn’t miss it. Thanks guys!

Through the mud and rain I finally made it to my amazing hostel, Black Currants in Taupo, which is now Finlay Jack’s YHA, with time to spare.

As I was being shown to my room, I met my roommate Christine. Christine was by far the best hostel mate I’ve had yet. We instantly clicked, and she and another girl from the hostel decided to come watch my jump and ended up taking tons of pictures for me, which I very much appreciated.

I walked into the AJ Hackett building, checked in, was weighed, and told to make my way over to the platform.

Leaving my new friends, I rushed over. I was bubbling over inside with excitement, yet on the outside you could hardly tell. There was such a calm expression on my face. The guys who were getting me ready for my jump kept asking if I was nervous. I just laughed at them.

“Not at all,” I said.

And I wasn’t.

When it was finally time to walk over to the edge of the platform, my nervousness still hadn’t hit me yet. Once I looked over the edge, however, is when my stomach began to bubble.

I would say when it was time for me to jump that I didn’t jump so much as let myself fall over the edge. My feet didn’t seem willing to jump.

It’s strange. I don’t remember every aspect of the jump. I remember feeling myself falling and then falling again, so I knew that I did indeed bounce up, yet I didn’t feel that part. I remember my ankles hurting from being strapped together, and I remember getting slightly dizzy while hanging upside down.

But what I remember most of all is the feeling of euphoria I had afterwards.

I did it!

Bungee Jumping in Taupo New Zealand, views of the platform over the water. The water is a mix of blue hues and green

Bungee Jumping in Taupo New Zealand

FAQ’s About Bungee Jumping in Taupo

Organised commercial bungee jumping began in New Zealand by AJ Hackett, and that is the company you will use for bungee jumping in Taupo.

You have a few choices when it comes to your jump. You can jump solo, or tandem with an employee jumping with you. Also, you can choose whether you want to touch the water while jumping.

Location – 202 Spa Road, Taupo, New Zealand.

Price – $235 NZD but check the website for the latest pricing.

Height – 47 meters.

Minimum age requirement – 10 years old. Those under 14 require an adults consent.

Duration – approximately 1 hour from sign-in.

Clothing – wear comfortable clothes and secure shoes.

Bungee Jumping in Taupo New Zealand
Bungee jumping in Taupo, New Zealand, during a one week trip to the North Island!

Bungee Jumping in Taupo New Zealand

Where is Taupo, New Zealand?

Taupo is located right in the middle of New Zealand’s North Island, making it an ideal destination for a day trip, or tacked on to a road trip.

By Car.

  • A quick 3.5 hour drive from Auckland
  • 1 hour from Rotorua
  • 5 hours from Wellington
  • 2 hours from Hamilton

By Air. With flights daily from Sydney and elsewhere in New Zealand, getting to Taupo is fairly simple. The Taupo airport is even connected to International flights several times per week.

By Bus. If flying or driving yourself isn’t for you, then you can take the bus. From Auckland to Taupo, the bus time is about 5 hours, meaning you would most likely want to stay overnight.

Where To Stay in Taupo

Best Budget Hostel

Finlay Jacks

Book here

Best Midrange Hotel

Haka Lodge

Book here

Best Luxury

Acacia Cliffs

Book here

Where To Eat in Taupo

  • Dixie Browns
  • The Bistro
  • Plateau Bar + Eatery
  • The Steakhouse Taupo
  • Pauly’s Diner

Bungee Jumping in Taupo was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Honestly that whole one week road trip in New Zealand was. I’m not sure if I would bungee jump again, but I am so glad I did it!

Have you ever been Bungee Jumping?
What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Would you Bungee Jump in Taupo?

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65 Responses

  1. This looks like such an awesome experience! I would be way scared before though! I hope I get to try it someday, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Yeah right! This is crazy!!! I am definitely not brave enough to do this – I could barely manage zip lining. I almost spat my wine out at the cheeks flapping bit – I can sooo relate. It’s more expensive than I thought – but at least they’re looking after our well-being so that’s the trade off haha!!!

  3. You are so brave!! I couldn’t ever bungee jump, but I can imagine how thrilling it must have been. Thank you for sharing this fun experience.

  4. I was holding my breath just from reading this! I honestly don’t know how you willed yourself to jump (or gracefully fall) off that ledge. I think I would have been frozen on the spot and they’d probably have had to push me. Good on you for actually doing it yourself!

  5. I have done this!! I swear omg! I can totally relate! Watching the video on he way is the worst. I was soooo scared but I jumped because like you said; didn’t wasn’t them to push me off! I also kept thinking about how expensive it was and I didn’t want to waste the money!! haha. It was a great experience but WOW I was scared! haha

  6. Wow, you’re so much braver than I am. I know others who’ve done this but I think it’s one thing I might have to just watch others do

  7. Wow Bungee jumping has fascinated me since long,haven’t tried yet but would love to.thanks for sharing

  8. Wow, how brave of you! Haha, glad you posted this so I can live vicariously through you 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  9. You’re so brave! I got stuck into most activities in New Zealand but didn’t attempt the bungee. I didn’t fancy the feeling you describe as you bounce back up – or getting sore feet haha. I did sky dive though and LOVED it. Not sure I’d do it again mind you!

  10. Oh my god! This brought me back my memories. I bunjee jumped in Queenstown for my birthday. I agree with you the feeling after the fall is absolutely amazing. It was too much of adrenaline pumping in.

  11. Eeeeekkks! I would never do that……You are more daring than I!! Ha ha! We lived in NZ and saw the Bungee jumping spots at Queenstown and never had the desire to even stop and watch. Good for you for challenging yourself!

  12. Ahh! That looks so scary but fun too. I went skydiving but never bungee jumping. And while it is a bit expensive, I feel like New Zealand is the place for extreme sports. Great share!

  13. This looks like a fantastic experience, New Zealand seems like a great place to try bungee jumping! I’ve always wanted to try it but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  14. So fun! Bungee Jumping was also on our bucket list for New Zealand, and we’re so glad we did it! We jumped at the first-ever bungee over the Kawarau Bridge (also with AJ Hackett). What a rush!

  15. Love how you can even put this experience into words! I’ve been skydiving & I always just have to tell people…. You just have to go, there’s no way to describe it!

  16. SOOO glad you did it. I just wrote about my “Shitting my pants” bungee experience. and just like you I said NO for dunking in the water but I guess they were being playful and “Did” dip me in. I was so scared I thought it was sweat when I got off in the boat but my friend who was watching and laughing from the sidelines told me otherwise (So did my gopro video footage) haha what an experience.

  17. I really wanted to bungee jump when I was in NZ thirty years ago but didn’t. I regret that bucket list miss. Now I’m not sure at 65 if it makes sense but I’d still like to do it.

  18. It’s a bucket list item for me. I have done sky diving but not bungee jumping. Hesitant cuz of the impact on back but want to do it at least once in my life!

  19. The only thing that would make me feel like I would jump is that there is water under me but I prob couldn’t do it lol. You are way more daring than me but it sounds like a lot of fun when I am not the one doing it!

  20. Wow you are brave! I would love to do something crazy like this on my travels, but heights are one of my worst fears. Maybe one day though! Ziplining 200m above a canyon has been my craziest experience so far haha

  21. Wow, this looks like such an incredible experience! I have always wanted to try bungee jumping, maybe when I travel to New Zealand I can also do this! 🙂

  22. You go girl! That is amazing. I need to do one of these crazy things one day … maybe sky diving while I am in Dubai!But can’t bring myself to it yet 😀

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