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Current Travel Plans For 2018

My Current Travel Plans For 2018

I miss traveling. Travel is my favorite thing. It gives me life.

I feel like that sentence is a bit over dramatic but hear me out. I have always loved to travel. It’s why I originally started this blog, as a place to share my travel stories. I love writing, I love traveling, it just made sense.

But living in one of the world’s most expensive cities has hindered my travels.

I need to work full-time because my rent is insanely expensive. I need to put food on the table. I like to eat as organic as possible. And I still want to go to the movies if I feel like it.

I feel like I’m in a place now where my income is very steady and I’m actually looking to pay off a bit of debt this year. So I feel like it’s finally time to do a bit of travels again.

Nothing crazy. I won’t be going to Iceland or Alaska this year.

But yesterday was Scott’s birthday and I decided to surprise him with a weekend getaway to Whistler next month! I’ve been wanting to spill the beans for a while now but I couldn’t risk telling you in case he read about it here on the blog.

We will be going for a weekend, spending two nights in a gorgeous looking B&B, and just enjoying the town. And the mountains, of course.

It looks like I’ll be going to New Brunswick in June for my sister’s high school graduation.

In the last week or September/first week of October I’ll be in Northern Ontario for my brother-in-laws wedding, and then visiting my grandparents in Southern Ontario.

And I’m hoping to make it to Vancouver island for a day or two sometime this year. I’ve only been meaning to for nearly three years now, so…..I think it’s about time.

Other than that a weekend trip to Seattle would be nice, but if it doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen.

Even though these are all “smaller” trips or places I’ve been before I think they should satisfy my travel bug that is currently ripping me apart.

Until next time Iceland! I’ll get to you eventually!

Do you have any trips planned for this year?
Where is your favorite place to travel to?

Photo of myself standing in front of the 12 apostles, showing how windy it is

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