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My First Bungee Jump

I have told you all before that while in New Zealand I went bungee jumping.

It can only be defined as an experience that I had spent years dreaming of, but wasn’t at all what I expected.

I’m still not sure what exactly I had been expecting. Maybe to feel as if I were a bird, flying through the air. Or maybe I thought it would be a terrifying experience. I’m not sure what to say, but how it really was is still a bitย hard to explain.

I hardly remember the experience at all, but if you want to read what I wrote previously, check out my postย Taking the plunge.

What I do remember is being weirdly calm and excited, and then as soon as I got to the platform and looked down, I got scared.

I remember how it felt like I wasn’t even moving after I jumped, but I could feel air fluttering my cheeks, and as soon as I began falling again my stomach lurched.

I remember how much my ankles hurt because the towel around them slipped off.

But most of all I remember how proud of myself I was, and how high I felt afterwards.

It was incredible.

So here is the video of the whole experience!

Have you ever been bungee jumping? If not would you go? If so how was it?



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  1. This is truly thrilling! My sister and I are actually planning our first jump. We’re suppose to do it this summer somewhere locally then hopefully in Thailand. I’m excited!

  2. My dad paid for me to go bungee jumping for my 18th birthday but that was just in London, nowhere near as pretty as your setting in NZ!
    I had never really wanted to do anything like it, but I couldn’t back out because I’d never live it down and I’m so glad I did it now, I loved it.
    Would you ever do it again?
    Jess – jessandjoshcook.com xx

  3. I too did my first and only bungy jumping in nz โ˜บit was a memorable experience โ˜บ. Nice post … remind me of some good days

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