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Saying goodbye, and some cake.

Saying goodbye and some cake as last updated November 7th, 2023. This post is a goodbye to my great-grandma.



Shortly before the holidays I received some pretty awful news. My Great Grandmother passed away. She is my stepdad’s mother’s mom, and was the first person to really welcome me into the family (I have the BEST stepfamily in the world, and don’t even think of them as “step”, my step dad is my dad as far as I’m concerned, and everyone else are perfect, I am so lucky).

I always thought that my great grandmother would live to be well into her hundreds. Since the moment I met her, she always gave the strongest hugs. Every time she hugged me my back would crack. She was so strong both physically and mentally, and was such a sweetheart. I am so lucky to have been able to call her my grandma.

I was able to switch my flights for Christmas and go to Ontario 5 days early to attend her funeral and help clear out her apartment. I got to meet (technically I had met them before but unfortunately I was too young and didn’t remember) one of my great aunts and one of my cousins. I loved getting to meet them!

The night of the funeral about 16 or so of us close family to my grandmother all went out for dinner together. WHICH WAS SO FUN! We’ve never all gone out for a meal together in a big group like that. It was so special to be able to honor our grandmother, or mother, together and spend some time with each other.

The food was really good! We went to my aunt’s favorite restaurant, which is the Old Bank Bistro. I have heard of this place before but have never been.

While the food was delicious, what really stole the show was dessert! I normally don’t order dessert because I’m too full, but I decided why not!

I ordered the peanut butter chocolate fudge cake. Oh. My. God. This was so decadent and moist and sweet and perfect! I’m really iffy on peanut butter flavored foods, but this cake was divine. There are not enough words to describe this cake.

I want it again.



My sister ordered the apple pie cake (I think) and it looked really good as well. All of the desserts and cakes looked so good.

This post originally was starting out as a Photo Friday but to be honest, my grandmother was too special for just one photo and deserves an entire post dedicated to her.

She was always knitting something and every Christmas gave the men in the family these huge slipper socks. My step grandpa wore his to the funeral, which made me cry a river basically.

She was so crafty and creative.

She was so popular, and had so many friends.

She was very dedicated to the church and always went out of her way to help others.

She always encouraged everyone to eat lots of sweets, because they are delicious!

She was the ultimate family woman.

Everyone loved her. Everyone.

So this post is dedicated to that wonderful woman, Annie Henningham.

I love you.




18 Responses

  1. I am very sorry for your lost. This must be so hard on you, I am sure she was a wonderful woman. I know what it’s like to loss someone, and it takes a loooot of time to move on and sometimes we don’t really get over it.

    On a brighter note, wow, the cakes look very delectable! Very instagram-worthy too!

    – Gretch of GGMemochou

    1. Thanks Gretch. You are very right. It takes a very long time, and I don’t think we ever truly get over it, we just move on and learn how to handle our pain.
      The cake was SO good!
      Haha very instagram worthy!!

  2. Awww I am so sorry to read you lost your great grandmother! That is very sad news, especially when she meant so much to you! She sounds like a lovely person and I think this blog post was a lovely way to pay tribute to her! I hope you are doing well and I’m sending you a virtual hug!


  3. Brooklyn, I am seeing and reading this for the first time today bawling my eyes out (but a good cry). This is such a beautiful tribute to my mother, your great grandmother. She was indeed in the words of Anne of Green Gables…a kindred spirit. I thank you for this, I will treasure these words my dear sweet niece.

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