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How To Have A Steady Job AND Travel

Photo of the Loch Ard Gorge, the ocean very blue. A Melbourne photo essay.
Working full time in Australia meant I got to take some awesome weekend trips!

If you’ve been on social media lately (looking at you Instagram!) then I can pretty much guarantee that you’ve been fed the idea that the only way you can travel is to quit your full time job. These images of people in front of beautiful beaches with a cocktail in their hand look idyllic, that’s for sure. But the thought that this is the only way to do it? Nah, I don’t buy it. It is absolutely possible to have a steady job AND travel. You don’t have to choose one over the other!

How To Have A Steady Job AND Travel

There are absolutely ways to travel and have a full time job. Here’s some great ways to do it!

Use Those Vacation Days!

The average Canadian worker only gets 10 paid vacation days per year. It’s not a lot, but it’s better than nothing. With 9 paid vacation days, that’s 19 paid days off work per year.

It’s a sad comparison to other countries. Workers in France get 30 days, and workers in England get 28.
A recent survey found that 26% of Canadians are not using their paid vacation days each year.

The reasons listed? 40% said it was due to too much work to do and not wanting to fall behind. Other reasons that were listed were; saving vacation days in case of emergency, not wanting one a vacation, or not wanting to be frowned upon by their employers.

Not taking those days off to enjoy your life and the people surrounding you leads to burnout!

We are so work focused. We are always being told to stay busy, keep hustling. Take a break! I’m sure you’ve earned it!

A better way to get more vacation time? Plan your travels around holidays. Have a holiday Monday coming up? Take off a Friday for a four day weekend. Maybe add a Tuesday off as well. There’s 5 days off work with only two vacation days used.

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Keep Your Steady Job & Travel Close To Home.

How often do you hear the word travel and think of far off places? I know that I sure do. But I’m here to tell you that you can travel closer to home, and that that’s still travelling! Just because you aren’t hopping on a 6 hour flight doesn’t mean that you aren’t travelling.

It’s much more affordable to put some gas in the car (or rent one) and drive a few hours away to discover somewhere new. You will save considerable money not having to book a flight. Not to mention the vacation time that you can save by doing closer trips. You don’t need to book off a full week or two. Use the weekend or, even better, a long weekend. Like I mentioned above, book off a Friday or a Monday, and take a few days.

Just a few days away can be so rejuvenating.

No matter where you are located, I’m sure that somewhere just a few hours drive, there’s somewhere you can go to.

Cultus Lake, with blue skies, white clouds, the beach and crystal clear lake
Cultus Lake is just a few hour drive from downtown Vancouver, and the water is so fresh!

Search For Good Travel Deals.

Travel is not cheap, so why pay full price? There are SO many great travel deals online if you know where to look.


Google Flights
The Flight Deal
Secret Flying

Travel Deals



Home Exchange (Think the movie The Holiday)
Trusted Housesitters

Intrepid Travel
G Adventures
Fat tire tours
Eat With
For the love of travel
EF Go Ahead
Abercrombie & Kent

This is just a small list. Grab your laptop and find those deals!

The party tree looms over a Hobbit House with a green door
A good flight deal took me to New Zealand, where I got to live out my Hobbit dreams!

Find A Job That Allows For Travel.

There are plenty of jobs that seek out special skills. Are you a good photographer? Can you write? What can you offer a company while working remotely.

Now more than ever, companies seem to be allowing their employees to work from home as long as they have a decent Wi-Fi connection. Maybe you could ask your boss if you could work from a bit further abroad? As long as you work the hours agreed upon and can connect online, it’s as if you’re just working from home. But maybe you’re on an island in Greece?!

Take A Sabbatical If You Can!

Some jobs can offer you a sabbatical. Instead of straight up quitting your job, selling your things, and leaving, why not ask if you could take a sabbatical, or even just a few weeks leave? It’s worth an ask. The worst they can say is no.

Pick A Part Of Your Country You Haven’t Been To Yet.

Canada is gigantic! As the world’s second largest country, there is endless opportunity here to explore. Every province and territory is unique, meaning no matter where you want to go in Canada, there will be something for you.

So far I’ve been to every province except for Newfoundland (it will eventually be crossed off my Canada list!) and I still need to explore our beautiful Northern Territories, meaning I still have plenty to see!

How much of your country have you explored? Right now I’m lusting over Churchill, Manitoba, Quebec City in winter, White Horse, St. John’s Newfoundland, Haida Gwaii, and Dawson City. But there are so many more magical places for me to discover here in Canada!

Anne of Green Gables House that inspired L.M Montgomery to write the novels
Visiting Green Gables Heritage Place was something I dreamed of for years!

This post isn’t to dissuade you from quitting your job to travel. If that’s the lifestyle that you want and can afford, go for it! But hopefully after reading this post you realize that living the life of a digital nomad isn’t something have to do. You can keep your full time steady job and still travel the world. There are ways it can be done!

Would you quit your job to travel?
Or would you prefer to keep your job and just travel when given the opportunity?
Do you take you vacation days?

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Photo of myself standing in front of the 12 apostles, showing how windy it is

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