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Hiking Lynn Canyon on Vancouver’s North Shore

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Last updated November, 28, 2021
Hiking Lynn Canyon in Vancouver

Lynn Canyon on Vancouver’s North Shore is a hiking lovers paradise. Lush green trees, waterfalls, suspension bridges, this hike is visually stimulating, and not too far from the city! No wonder this is one of the most popular hikes in Vancouver that all the locals go to.

After constantly hearing friends and coworkers talking about Lynn Canyon, when my friend came to visit I knew we had to go! We packed a picnic lunch and got there around 11 am. Be warned, this time on a Saturday morning was packed. But I appreciated how so many people wanted to spend time on these trails.

Starting with 12 acres after opening in 1912, Lynn Canyon Park is now 617 acres, with most of the (giant) second growth trees being between 80-100 years old.

One of the reasons for the popularity? It’s free!

Hiking Lynn Canyon

The Trails

There are several different trails to choose from.

Hiking Lynn Canyon in Vancouver

Hiking Lynn Canyon in Vancouver

Twin Falls – Length 3.5 miles. Approximately 45 minutes-1 hour. Easy.

There are two options for this hike. Depending if you want to cross over the suspension bridge (more on that below) and hike round trip, or if you want to skip the suspension bridge then you can walk past the Cafe and hop on the trail from there.

This was the first hike that we did, and it was beautiful. After crossing the suspension bridge we turned right onto the trail. There are lots of stairs on this hike so be warned. On this trail you will walk over a smaller bridge that is perched above the river. On one side of the bridge you can see the beautiful Falls, and on the other side you get a better view of the pools of fresh water that have formed in the canyon below.

The 30 foot pool. Easy access. Big crowds.

This pool is one of the most popular walks and swimming spots in Lynn Canyon Park. After crossing the suspension bridge, turn left. About a 10 minute walk down the trail will lead you to an area filled with big rocks, and just past these rocks is the swimming area. It was quite cold when we went so I didn’t end up swimming, but there were a few brave souls! They all jumped in, struggled to breathe, laughed, and then got out. It was a very busy area with people having picnics, or simply just photographing the pool. The water is known to be very cold year round, no matter the weather.

Baden Powell Trail. Approximately 1-5 hours long, depending on if you continue to any other parks in the area. Intermediate.

This is one of the most popular day hikes on the North Shore, since this trail connects Lynn Canyon to other areas, such as Deep Cove, Grouse Mountain, and Capilano River. However if you just want to stay in Lynn Canyon Park, then this trail will take you between an hour to an hour and a half.

Hiking Lynn Canyon in Vancouver
Where we saw people cliff jumping

The Suspension Bridge.

All of these hikes start at the Suspension Bridge. Of course you can always opt out by walking East past the Cafe and directly onto the trails. Personally, after hearing rave reviews of the suspension bridge, I knew I had to check it out. The bridge was absolutely packed, with people taking photos and admiring the views. Located 50 meters above the water, I would highly recommend getting onto the trails this way. The bridge does bounce and sway as you cross, so be prepared for that!


While the water looks safe and beautiful, the cliffs are very steep, with strong currents underneath the surface. We saw a few people cliff jumping, even though there were signs all along the trails warning about cliff jumping due to at least one person dying each year. Between 1985-2016, there have been 24 recorded deaths, and this doesn’t include all of the injuries. Be smart. Be safe.

Hiking Lynn Canyon in Vancouver

I loved this hike. Combining the 30 Foot pool and the Twin Falls hikes were perfect. While it was busy on a Saturday, I would brave the crowds and head back in a heartbeat. I think next time I’ll go during the week though, so I have more space to myself.

Need To Know

Located East of North Vancouver, there are several ways to get to the park.

I took public transit from downtown. From downtown I took the seabus over to Lonsdale Quay. From the Lonsdale Quay bus loop you can either take the #228 or #229 bus. I took the #228 to Lynn Valley Center, then walked the 15 minutes to the park. This is very easy as there is only the one road down to the park.

If you take the #229, you need to switch over to another smaller, local shuttle. Most recommend taking the #228 and walking, like I did.

You can also drive and park in one of the parking spaces available. Just be warned, they fill up quickly!

Cost? FREE!

June to September: 10 am to 5 pm
October to May: 12pm to 4 pm

Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

More Questions? Check out the website!

Have you been to Lynn Canyon Park?
Which trail do you want to walk?

Hiking Lynn Canyon on Vancouver's North Shore

11 Responses

  1. Would you believe I’ve lived in Vancouver on and off since 2010 and still have not been to Lynn Canyon? I can’t believe it! Definitely on the list for me. Hopefully it’s not too crowded. And as a novice hiker, I’d opt for Twin Falls. Thanks for this breakdown and reminder to explore more of my own backyard!

    1. I’ve lived in Vancouver for 5 years and it was my first visit. I’m realizing how little I’ve explored BC, preferring to travel to other countries usually. With COVID I’m finally taking time to explore this beautiful province!

  2. This looks so awesome! That waterfall is amazing though not sure if I have what it takes to cliff dive from there lol. Been to Vancouver but guess I never took it for hiking outside of the city.

  3. You had me hooked by your very first photo! Lush, green, soaring trees, suspension bridge! Yes please! I can see why the easier trails would have the crowds. If I were to return to BC, I would definitely add this to the list. Love it!

  4. This looks fantastic, and always great when it’s free! I love bridges so would definitely enjoy seeing the suspension bridge. Looks like a fantastic area for photography!

  5. The thing you need to be warned about is if you are lucky enough to find a park spot, be sure you realize you must PAY to do so! We saw red warning signs that said 4 hour maximum and knew we could adhere to that so jumped out to start hiking only to come back and find a $98 ticket for not paying $6 at a little sign with a bucket on it. Keeping the receipt for a souvenir 🙁
    Beautiful rainforest hike. Very crowded September 2022.

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