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How Constant Traveling Affects Your Skin – 7 Top Tips

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How constant traveling affects your skin was last updated on November 10th, 2023.

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Whether you travel for pleasure or business, constantly being in the air can affect your skin and hair. It’s exciting to lead the life of a digital nomad or to keep sating your wanderlust with vacations, but sometimes our beauty suffers as a consequence of these frequent trips. Are you feeling worried about the effects of air travel and want to know how to get the problem under control? Then read on as we give you a little more info and tell you all about how to keep your skincare and hair care in check.

Here are our 7 tips to help you combat how constant traveling affects your skin!

How Constant Traveling Affects Your Skin

Airplane environment

Humidity on planes can be as low as 10%, and the dry air is generally what’s causes our own skin to become really dry in turn. There’s also the fact that air has to be recycled through the cabin which exposes you to more infections, and that there are frequent changes in temperature that your body has to keep acclimatizing to. Couple all this with slow circulation caused by an enclosed space and an interrupted circadian rhythm as you change time zones, and your skin becomes dehydrated, puffy, and dull.

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Cleanse regularly

Of course, there’s a solution and a way to protect your skin in all this mess. Begin by cleansing regularly, and be especially thorough once you get off the plane and enter your hotel room. While you’re still in the air, make sure to bring some wet wipes with micellar water in your carry-on bag for a quick refreshment and to remove any traces of makeup and sweat.

The importance of sunscreen

A surprisingly large number of people skips sunscreen use on airplanes, but dermatologists claim that this is a big mistake. Although plane windows are small, the light that breaks through them is still very bright and can affect your skin if you don’t protect it adequately. Seeing as how getting in the habit of wearing quality natural sunscreen with high SPF is something you should do every day, there’s no reason to skip this just because you’re traveling. Bring it with the rest of your toiletries, and keep using it regularly to make your complexion lush and glowy.

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Bring Your Favorite Skin Care And Hair Care Products

The best thing to do is bring your regular serum, moisturizer, a great hair growth shampoo, and a trusty hair conditioner; your skin and hair need some consistency. You’re already changing your environment and the temperature it’s used to, so the least you can do is use good products that already suit you well.

Fight breakouts

As we’ve noted earlier, recycled air on planes can make it easier for your skin to get inflamed and explode with breakouts, especially if you’re already acne-prone. To keep them under check, cleanse thoroughly, but also bring a few quick-fix solutions. Salicylic acid gel, pimple patches, or maybe a tube of adapalene gel in your bag can really save you a lot of pain, but if you’re already fighting more severe breakouts, talk to your dermatologist and ask them for advice. They’ll probably recommend that you bring your regular acne treatment with you and keep using it.

Bring a few beauty masks

Face masks are a life-saver for plane travel! It’s the best way to help your skin recover after a long flight, and you can bring several with you to help your complexion recuperate slowly. Sheet masks with collagen serums are a great option, but you can also bring a nice creamy sleep mask that you can apply in the evening to a clean face and let it sit overnight. In the morning, you’ll be completely rejuvenated. If your skin is generally very dry, you can also use these sleeping masks during the actual plane ride. Sit back, relax, and apply a very light layer over your face. Don’t worry about looking weird, no one will even know it’s a mask. You’ll just look like you’re applying a regular moisturizer.

Hydrate often

Forget about coffee and alcohol on the plane as these things can dehydrate you even further. Instead of that, drink plain water, and drink plenty of it—it’ll help your face stay plump and soft. Besides this, you should also eat well. Good nutrition will give your skin all the vitamins it needs, and can protect it from external influences.

And now you know how constant traveling affects your skin!

As long as you take these precautions, your complexion will look great. Prepare well, and enjoy both your traveling adventures and your glowy skin!

Do you have any tips for protecting our skin while we travel? If so, leave them below!


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