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I Dream Of New Zealand

I Dream of New Zealand

I Dream of New Zealand

I Dream of New Zealand

I may have only spent one week there four years ago, but that week was enough time to declare New Zealand my favorite country. It is a country where you can be going for a drive, turn a corner, and next thing you know you are met with one of the most stunning views you have ever seen. How could a country like that not be my favorite? Always, I dream of New Zealand.

I have written numerous posts on the country

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And a few more. Clearly I’m obsessed.

I Dream of New Zealand

I Dream of New Zealand


I have been thinking about the country a lot lately, and thinking of everything I missed out on. Even though I packed SO MUCH into such a short trip, there is still so much more of the country I need to explore.

I wanted to make it to Wellington so badly on that trip, but I just did not have the time. Getting to check out the home town of Peter Jackson would be incredible. Every photograph that I’ve seen of “Wellywood” just look beautiful.

The entire South Island. I did not get to go to the popular South Island!

I was originally planning to explore the South Island instead of the North Island, but I just could not pass up a trip to Hobbiton. I’m sure that as amazing as the South Island would have been, missing out on being a hobbit for a day would be something I would regret forever.

I dream of the South Island though.

I would love to go to Christchurch, which was devastated by an earthquake in 2011. Since then the city has been rebuilding, and there is still lots to check out in terms of tourism.

I would love to check out That Wanaka Tree, the tree in Wanaka that stands in a lake, and has become a tourist destination of its own. Google it.

Of course Milford Sound, because every photo I’ve seen is stunning. I would want to do an overnight boat trip.

Hike a glacier on either the Fox glacier or the Franz Josef glacier.

I would love to go to Queenstown and do some adventure activities. If you go to New Zealand you have to do some sort of adventure activity! Queenstown is the place to do it.

But mostly in Queenstown I would want to get a burger at Fergburger. These burgers are huge!

I cannot wait until the next trip to New Zealand that I take, whenever that may be. Constantly, I dream of New Zealand.

I Dream of New Zealand

6 Responses

    1. Yes exactly! I love NYC (the only place I’ve really been in America) and can’t wait to go back one day.
      With New Zealand I feel like I could move there and live happily.
      Where’s your favorite place in America?
      I really want to go to New Orleans.

  1. All of us have that one place that we’re obsessed with . Yours happens to be New Zealand and that’s okay . Mine happens to be Las Vegas and Boston , two places where I have lived and am obsessed with also .

      1. You can’t get bored in Vegas , and you really don’t have to gamble. (But try a slot machine anyway.) As for Boston, it’s so walkable, A lot of people state that it reminds them of a European city. I hope you get to go to both places as well as take more trips to New Zealand .

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