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JBB Monthly Recap: October 2020

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The beginning of fall, with the leaves falling from the trees.

October has come and gone. It’s just not fair how quickly the best month of the year goes by, is it? I’m never ready to quite the creepy just yet. I still have so many horror movies to watch! So I will 😉

October was a good month, as usual. The changing colors of the leaves, and the crunchiness of the ones on the ground always lifts my spirits.

Vancouver had great weather. Some cool sunny days. Some dark rainy ones. During the dark days I’d get the kids I nanny into rain boots for long walks splashing in puddles. It was great.

This month Vancouver had some seriously epic sunsets as well! I’m thankfull my apartment is high up, so I can see the sun setting over both the mountains and the city.

Blog Posts Published 

The last few months. My first recap post published in a few months, and a little chat about what I’ve been up to these last few months! If you didn’t read it, I just spoke of how I’ve felt during the last few months, and what books I kept myself busy reading. Otherwise I shared some photos from around Vancouver and Chilliwack.

I also published a 3 part mini series about haunted hotels.

The most haunted hotels in Canada. I shared the most haunted hotels around Canada. I’ve never been to any of the hotels on any of the lists, but you can bet some of them from this series are on my list now, especially all of the ones in Canada!

The most haunted hotels in America that you can spend the night atI wrote about five of the most haunted hotels in America. Some have especially seedy pasts, while others house long gone celebrities. There is one hotel on this list that I WILL stay at one day!

The most haunted hotels in EuropeI loved reading about all of the different haunted hotels that Europe hosts. My favorite part of the research was reading the history surrounding some of these hotels, and just how far back they date!

Halloween traditions around the worldThis post shares some cool Halloween traditions around the world that you may not have heard of.

The 6 Best places to spend Day of the Dead in Mexico. I find Dia de Los Muertos fascinating, and while I was in Puerto Vallarta for the celebration last year, I know for sure that I’d love go go back to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos in another location next time. This list is the 6 best places I found!

Books Read

I didn’t read as much this month because I spent so much time watching horror movies. But I did read a few!

Winter, by Marissa Meyer. The last of the four main Lunar Chronicles books. I didn’t expect to enjoy these books so much. They were so much fun to read; I loved the different take on modern fairytales.

Fairest, by Marissa Meyer. This is the fifth of the Lunar Chronicles books, but actually the prequel to the series, all about Queen Levana. It was really short, so I read it in one day. It was fun to learn more about Queen Levana, I just wish it was a full novel rather than a novella, but still good.

Stars Above, by Marissa Meyer. This is a book of short stories surrounding the Lunar Chronicles books.

Love real food, by Kathryne Taylor. Otherwise known as Kate from the mega popular food blog Cookie and Kate, I read this entire cookbook in a day. Every word. The way she talks about our relationship with food really resonated with me, and her vegetarian cookbook has so many delicious meals that I can’t wait to cook up!

What I Watched

TV SHOWS. Corner Gas, Emily in Paris, Kim’s Convenience, American Horror Story season 1,  and The haunting of Bly Manor.

MOVIES. The Addams family, The Addams family values, Jeepers Creepers 1-3, Central Intelligence, all of the HalloweenTown movies, Hocus Pocus, Halloween, Halloween 2, Halloween H20, Halloween Ressurection, Halloween 2018, Spirited Away, The Hitcher, Scary stories to tell in the dark, Borat 2, Scary Movie, Twilight, New Moon, Let’s be cops, IT Chapter 1, IT Chapter 2, The Exorcist, The Big Lebowski, Inspector Gadget, and A Nightmare on Elm street.

What I admired

The leaves changing color and the many beautiful sunsets Vancouver had this month.

A sunset over Vancouver's North Shore

A Vancouver sunset

Interesting Internet Reads

Ghost stories from my travelsKeith shares three scary encounters he had while traveling. Not just scary with regular people though, but paranormal encounters! This was fun to read and imagine, and those photos of Timoleague Abbey are beautiful.

How to spend 3 days in DubrovnikI’ve been dreaming of Croatia for YEARS. I have spent many hours online reading all about the country, and this 3 day itinerary to make the most of your quick trip to Dubrovnik sounds perfect!

7 creepy Hocus Pocus filming locations to visitAs a HUGE Halloween and Hocus Pocus fan, enjoying this post is pretty much a given. I love seeing how filming locations normally look, and looking at the photos in this post has me dying to go to Salem!

See you next month, hopefully you have a wonderful November!

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