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You Know You’re Australian When


Full disclosure here; I am not Australian. I’m a Canadian girl who spent part of 2014 living in Melbourne and falling madly in love with Australia.

I knew when I decided to move abroad that Australia was the only serious choice that I could make. I looked at other countries but none of them could compare with Australia. There’s truly nowhere else like Australia and I am so grateful that my Canadian visa gave me the opportunity for a working visa in the country.

I may not actually be Australian, but I quickly fell into life in Australia and embraced the culture and all of it’s quirks wholeheartedly, and honestly, to this day I still think of Australia as my second home. I think I always will.

So here is my list of “You know you’re Australian when”…

  1. You never say “Australia” it’s “Straya”.
  2. Some people may say “Strayla”. This is wrong, but it’s okay.
  3. A thong is not underwear, they’re worn on your feet.
  4. What’s McDonald’s? It’s called Macca’s.
  5. You are always told the wildlife will kill you. So you feel so proud to tell your crazy snake or spider stories. And guess what? YOU HAVEN’T DIED!
  6. You get mad when people confuse Aussie’s and Kiwi’s.
  7. You feel proud when actors are from Australia. When they become an embarrassment, suddenly they are downgraded to a kiwi.
  8. When you hear “Aussie Aussie Aussie” you naturally stop what you’re doing to shout “OI OI OI!”.
  9. Beetroot goes on everything. No questions asked.
  10. No shows online are available in your region.
  11. You are proud of the killer wildlife.
  12. Saying “Excuse me” makes you an asshole, but “Scuse me” is totally acceptable.
  13. It’s not unusual to end up with second degree burns from your steering wheel come summer time.
  14. All abbreviated words end in O.
  15. The best straw you own is a Tim Tam.
  16. You know that the train timetable is actually a work of fiction.
  17. You know that the flies are worse than sharks.
  18. Kangaroos aren’t cute, they’re a driving hazard.
  19. You pity the Kiwi’s, because they will never be as great as the Australians.
  20. If you say “Bloody” in front of something, you really mean it.
  21. Goon is a way of life.
  22. Hearing “She’ll be alright” will always comfort you.
  23. Fried egg in a burger is the norm. Also, add some pineapple!
  24. You get confused when there is no free BBQ pit at parks or beaches.
  25. “The Bush” is a perfectly acceptable explanation of where you’re going.

I miss Australia every day and cannot wait to go back one day, because you know I will!

What are some points that I missed?





45 Responses

  1. Your photos of Australia are seriously so gorgeous!!! That’s really cool you lived there for a little bit back in 2014. I have always wanted to visit there but I haven’t had a chance to yet! You are giving me some inspiration to want to book a flight there though!


  2. Haha I love this!! Maybe you’re not a native Australian, but you can definitely be a surrogate Australian (and it sounds like you’re there). I haven’t been there, but I lived in Spain for 8 months and found myself coming up with a similar list. Also, while I was in Spain I met one of my best friends and I love talking to her because I have to actually think about what she says to translate to American English haha. I’m thinking about starting a trend in the U.S. of calling sunglasses “sunnies” and laptops “lappies” and seeing if it catches on?

  3. Great list! We are Canadians and living in Melbourne right now:) So many of these I can totally relate too. We find everything is “no worries”!

  4. Love this so much! I am a fellow Canadian and have met a lot of Aussie friends here in Canada who came over to play rugby on my team. I can definitely relate to #8! πŸ™‚

  5. I’m not Australian but can so see these! When I was in Australia I was terrified of some of the wildlife and everyone had a crazy story to tell. Spot on!

  6. Love this! Totally describes some of my Aussie friends. And you’re right, we Canadians are super lucky to be able to go to Oz on a working holiday visa!

  7. I loved visiting Australia and picked up a few of these when I was there too but I never did see or try the pineapple on a burger… I guess I’ll have to go back! I bet it was amazing living there.

  8. This made me laugh! Australians seem like fun people. I had no idea what a kiwi was, so I looked it up and saw that they are people from New Zealand.

  9. Hahah I liked this a lot.
    But I have to tell you, we say ‘she’ll be right’ not ‘alright’ πŸ˜‰
    And yes our steering wheels get bloody hot πŸ˜‚

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