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You Know You’re Canadian When

You Know You're Canadian When

You Know You're Canadian When

You Know You're Canadian When

You Know You're Canadian When

You Know You're Canadian When

There are so many amazing things about being Canadian. We are known as the nicest people in the world, we have incredible and diverse landscapes, we are one of the biggest countries in the world, yet not overly populated. There is so much pride in this country and I for one am very proud to be Canadian.

I recently posted a “You know you’re Australian when” post, so I decided to do a Canadian one as well!

You Know You’re Canadian When…

  1. You call them chocolate bars, not candy bars. Because they are chocolate bars. Duh.
  2. It’s called pop, not soda.
  3. Ketchup chips are the best!
  4. You always have to sing along to “Hockey night in Canada”.
  5. Someone bumps into you and you say “sorry”.
  6. You are now singing “Hockey night in Canada”.
  7. You can out drink your foreign friends.
  8. You don’t want to go to America when you’re between the ages of 18-21 because you can’t legally drink alcohol there.
  9. You know that Thrills is a gum that tastes like soap.
  10. If a beer contains less than 6% alcohol it’s not good enough.
  11. If wine has less than 12% alcohol you won’t bother buying it.
  12. When you hear the lottery counter say “winner” you shout “Gagnant!”
  13. A smartie is a chocolate, not a rocket candy.
  14. A Double Double is the first thing about coffee that you learn.
  15. You’ve frozen your tongue to something metal in winter….or fall or spring really.
  16. You get excited for roll up the rim season.
  17. You knew what the last point was referring to.
  18. Most conversations will include a reference to the weather.
  19. You love seeing what new suit Don Cherry will be wearing that evening.
  20. You understand distance in minutes, not miles or kilometers.
  21. Everything is written in French and English.
  22. Ketchup is a staple in the fridge.
  23. You’ve gone trick or treating in a blizzard.
  24. You’ve eaten ice cream outside in winter.
  25. The seasons – Winter, Construction, scorching hot for one month, Winter again.

What points would you add that make you 100% Canadian?

You Know You're Canadian When

You Know You're Canadian When

You Know You're Canadian When

You Know You're Canadian When

You Know You're Canadian When


You Know You're Canadian When

You Know You're Canadian When


67 Responses

  1. Cute idea. I am not Canadian so I didn’t get a lot of your references, but I love your photos. Canada is an amazing place for sure. I have only been to Montreal and Quebec City but would love to explore more. Thanks for inspiring me to do so and maybe have some of these Canadian experiences for myself.

  2. I really enjoyed your Australian one last time and I can so relate to these (I am Canadian living in Aus). I love traveling because you notice all these subtle (and not so subtle) differences. Great post!

  3. Haha that’s awesome! I catch myself apologizing to people here in Mexico! I always joke that that’s how you can spot a Canadian!
    And we used to have to choose our Halloween costume based on whether it would fit over our snowsuit!
    I’d add in that only Canadians know what all dressed chips and REAL poutine tastes like 😉

  4. This is sweet. I’m not Canadian, but I’ve always thought that we Aussies have a lot in common with you lot. Smarties are definitely a chocolate and there’s something to be said about good manners!

  5. Ha, ha… so fun and real ! Great post and nice pictures. Thanks to share. I am not Canadian… For me a smartie is NOT a chocolate, this is definitively a rocket candy :-). You may be fluent in English, but upon arrival in Canada it’s likely you’ll hear people saying words you’ve never heard.: “Looks like it’s going to rain, eh? Let’s go to Tim Hortons and have a double double” !

  6. 100% agree. I am so proud to be Canadian. I totally fit into the stereotype because I am currently wearing a flannel plaid button-up jumberjack shirt while drinking my timmies hahaha. I also say ‘eh’ and ‘hey’ frequently and would add that Canadian geese are the worst creatures. Love your blog 🙂

  7. I met a guy who lives in Japan but is Canadian and the thing is, he eats ice cream even though it’s like 2 degrees out! And it’s so funny too cos he doesn’t wear winter clothes during winter in Japan since to him it’s so hot out!! Hahaha! I’m fascinated with Canadians, to be honest! Can’t wait to go here for summer next year!

  8. This is great! Definitely some things I didn’t know about but Im from the Midwest, USA and there are some similarities in there like saying “pop” instead of soda and measuring distance in minutes!

  9. Ha I looove this ! I am a Canuck .. transplant to U.S for many years .. I am proud of my roots and this brought back all memories of childhood … bravo!!


  10. Haha so funny! #6 especially. I was recently in Vancouver and spilled my drink in a bar. A random couple said “sorry” (they had nothing to do with it) and started cleaning it! I was like…stop!! LOL What about Poultine? Best thing ever!!!

  11. No donut compares to a box full of Timbits – and most donuts are bloody well overpriced and heavy. Not to mention you may not be able to stand a Tim’s double double but it beats a Starbucks everytime. Oh and you must have tried Screech at least once in your life.

  12. You forgot the essential, Canadian say “Aboat” not “About” hahahah and the fact that Canadian are the most peaceful creatures on earth!! I have two great friends from Canada, love them <3

  13. Hahah my dad is Canadian and I was born in Alaska, so I was exposed to a lot of these things from him or they’re similar in parts of Alaska. Great list, I know I can definitely out drink my friends and call them chocolate bars!

  14. Haha, loads of these apply to the UK too! We say pop, chocolate bar, and sorry every 2 minutes! And everything revolves around booze and/or weather discussions! 🙂

  15. Hi! I’m not Canadian but this is so cute and your pictures are so pretty! Also, you guys have a gum that tastes like soap? lol

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