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Looking Back On History- L.M.Montgomery House

By now you have read about how I visited the Anne of Green Gables house and walked the trails on the property. But what you haven’t heard is perhaps the best part.

After we left the site of Green Gables and were headed to our hotel, we saw how close the site of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s home was. We decided to take a quick stop to check out the small gift shop and see what we could see.

Of course my sister and I decided that we just had to go see where the house had previously stood. After all, this is the house that Lucy moved in to when she was an infant after her mother died. This was the house she loved more than anywhere else in the world. This is where she grew up and this is where she wrote Anne of Green Gables and her other novels.

Yeah, we needed to look back on history.




After leaving the tiny gift shop we walked down a small path that led to the church that Lucy attended one way, and the site of where the house previously stood the other way.

The first thing I noticed where how many crab apple trees were everywhere. And how lush and green everything was. The trails were just gorgeous and the fields surrounding them looked like gold. I can guarantee that I also would have loved those trails and growing up there. It would be a perfect place to write and feel inspired. Can I go back now please?

My family ate a few crab apples, but not I. They have never been for me.

We decided to go check out the site of the house before heading to the church.

There was a well that made us think of Snow White, and my sister and I may have sang the song that Snow sang over the well.


Along the path after the well was where the house once stood!

I don’t know what I was expecting. I knew that the house was torn down, but for some reason I almost expected to find it standing there anyways. I was shocked with how small the area was. But I guess I never really look at houses from the area on the ground where it stands.




It was so fun imagining what the house that stood here once looked like. I can close my eyes and imagine it, and imagine Lucy running up one of the trails to go indoors and continue writing, after gathering inspiration for the nature surrounding the home.

I may definitely be romanticizing this location, but I am more than fine with that!

Across from the site, so where the family would have looked outside to, was a large field. I could have spent a while losing myself and just wandering around the field.


We then decided to go up the trail to see the church where Lucy would have went.



It was a quick walk through more trails and fields.

Beside the church there is a post office. This post office was so cool because it is made to look like the Green Gables house!

After exploring a bit we crossed the street for some soft serve ice cream.

I got a chocolate vanilla swirl dipped in chocolate. It was very hot and windy and my ice cream melted immediately. It was all over me and the wind even blew some on my sister. I looked like a one year old attempting to eat it! Embarrassing…

The Hotel

Next we went back to the van and headed to our hotel. Our hotel was small but cute. It was actually like a row house with several small cabins attached.



I may have chosen to try to sleep on the most uncomfortable pull out couch of all time, but hey, at least we got to go explore Green Gables and woke up to a gorgeous view!


I’m pretty sure it’s needless to say, but I adored this quick trip to P.E.I and exploring Green Gables. I loved those books growing up and still own them all. As a self proclaimed history buff and book addict, it was so fun to go to Green Gables, wander the trails that Lucy did growing up, and see where see spent her life.

I would do it all again in a heart beat!

Have you ever been to Green Gables? Did you read the books growing up?


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