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March In Review, What I Got Up To

Well, this sure has been a month, hasn’t it? Are we sure there’s only 30 days in March, because this month has felt like years. I hope you’re all staying safe and doing okay mentally and physically. I know right now is really challenging for everyone.

I haven’t published much on the blog this month because I felt like right now no one is researching travel, so why publish blog posts that most likely won’t be getting read. However, my blog views aren’t nearly as bad as I was expecting they would be, and this is because a lot of people have been reading my old recipe posts – this banana bread one has been pretty popular. As I’m writing this post I just put a loaf in the oven to bake. My apartment smells delicious!

I know a lot of bloggers, especially travel bloggers, have lost a ton of traffic and therefore their incomes. Something that I have been trying to do each day is going to different blogs that I love, and just clicking through to different posts, taking my time to read different articles they’ve written. A lot of bloggers earn income from their page views and ads that people see. Even though I don’t have the spare money to purchase anything right now, just giving blogs more page views will help out a bit. If you have a favorite blogger you should do the same! It doesn’t take much on our part and helps a creative out.

Blog Posts Published

February In Review, What I got up to. 

Stepping Back Into Canadian History- Engine 374 Pavilion.

Ways That You Can Travel Without Leaving Home. 

Books Read

I recently downloaded the app Overdrive, which is a free app that allows you to put in your library card, then allows you to download ebooks or audio books from your library. I’ve been putting it to good use and have a huge wish list on my app now!

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, by J.K. Rowling. It’s funny, this book and movie has always been one of my least favorites of the series, but this time around I was really into it. I found the book much better than I remembered, and it made me want to watch the movie again soon.

Dutch Girl: Audrey Hepburn and WWII, by Robert Matzen. I have always been a huge Audrey Hepburn fan, ever since I first watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s when I was 14. Sabrina is probably my favorite movie of hers. It was so fascinating to read about her life living in the Netherlands during the Nazi occupation. I devoured every word of this book.

The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, by J. Randy Taraborrelli. Everyone knows about Marilyn Monroe. She’s the world’s most famous sex icon, one of the most beautiful women in history. This book took the author years of research, and you can tell by the writing. You won’t find a more accurate account of Marilyn’s life, and this book also tells us how much of her life was lies and rumors. Honestly I found this book heartbreaking. I knew her life was messed up, but I didn’t realize just how sad it was. I know aim to read as many books by this author as I can.

What I’ve Been Up To

I’m now on my third week of being off work and staying home in isolation, and I’m actually doing pretty good. I miss the kids I nanny tons, but I have been writing blog posts to come out once life is a bit more normal, and I have been reading lots, which makes me feel really at peace. 

What I’ve Watched.

Tiger King. This Netflix documentary is wild. Absolutely wild. I didn’t know if I wanted to watch it because I absolutely hate animal abuse and private zoos, but with everyone talking about it I decided to give it a try. I did get upset during a few scenes with the animals. I cried once when two chimpanzees hugged after being in cages beside each other for 10 years. But this documentary was addicting. We watched it in two days. I highly recommend you watch this if you have Netflix. All I will say is, who knew the big cat world is so insane. And I think Carole Baskin is just as bad as the others. 

Lethal Weapon. I’ve seen the movies and loved them. I didn’t know if I would enjoy the tv series, and I have heard bad things about the stars of the show, there’s only 3 seasons. Plenty of reasons I was hesitant to watch. But I am loving this show, and it’s basically all I want to watch right now. There is a lot of action of course, but plenty of heart that really makes you feel for the characters.

30 Rock. During meals and before bed we watch shorter comedy shows. We’ve been rewatching 30 Rock, and I am loving it!


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  1. Loved this post, Brooklyn! And I loved your idea to spend a lot more time on blogs these days, just reading through the content and catching up with people where we can (even the people we only know online). I’ll do more of that, too!

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