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My Adventure List

Photo of myself standing in front of one of the apostles

My Adventure List


Or better knows as a bucket list, this list here I am constantly updating and changing. This is my most recent version, with everything that I have completed crossed out. I know I will be continually adding to this, but I love to read other people’s bucket lists so I can add to my own. 

Adventure List

  1. Go skydiving
  2. Ride a double decker bus in England
  3. Explore the Australian Outback
  4. Drive on the opposite side of the road, on purpose
  5. Gamble in Las Vegas
  6. Participate in New Orleans Mardi Gras
  7. Go to New Orleans
  8. Go to the Louisiana Bayou
  9. Take a Bayou swamp tour
  10. Swim in the dead sea
  11. Snorkel/scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Queensland
  12. Spend a day, or two, at the Whitsunday islands
  13. See Philip Island penguins in their natural habitat
  14. Travel the South island of New Zealand, Milford Sound, Queenstown
  15. See Machu Picchu, Peru
  16. Honeymoon in Fiji
  17. Visit the 7 Wonders of the World
  18. Do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb
  19. Learn to surf
  20. See the ruins on Easter Island
  21. Walk part of the Great wall of China
  22. Ride the London Eye
  23. See a play at The Globe Theatre
  24. Stand on the stage at The Globe Theatre while reciting Shakespeare
  25. Go bungee jumping in New Zealand
  26. Trek through the Franz Joseph Glacier in New Zealand
  27. Eat a burger at Fergburger, Queenstown, New Zealand
  28. Eat street meet in Chicago
  29. Try Kangaroo
  30. Try Emu
  31. Fall in love with a foreign country
  32. Do a Eurotrip
  33. Visit Thailand
  34. Relax in a bungalow in Bora Bora
  35. Drink fine wine in Paris, while maybe eating cheese
  36. Ride in a hot air balloon
  37. Visit Stonehenge, England
  38. Go to Germany for a few days
  39. Visit all fifty States
  40. Go to the Grand Canyon
  41. Go to Graceland
  42. Go through the red light district, Amsterdam
  43. Ride in a gondola in Italy
  44. Eat Belgium chocolate in Belgium
  45. Star in a commercial
  46. Star in a movie
  47. Stand/perform on the stage of Radio Music Hall
  48. Travel Canada
  49. Take a helicopter ride
  50. Hike to the Hollywood sign
  51. Eat a Philly Cheese steak in Philadelphia
  52. Go to Alaska
  53. See the Eiffel tower
  54. Ride a camel
  55. Do the Great Ocean Road
  56. Swim in surfer’s Paradise
  57. See the Glass House mountains
  58. Go to the light house at Byron Bay
  59. Go to the Australian zoo
  60. Go to the Opera House
  61. Go see Petra, Jordan
  62. Spend a week in Iceland
  63. See the Ancient city of Jerash, Jordan
  64. Stare at the beauty that is Lake Louise, Canada
  65. See the Great pyramid of Giza, last wonder of the ancient world
  66. Wander around the Coliseum in Rome
  67. Go to the Taj Mahal, India.
  68. View the Aurora Borealis (Northern lights)(Preferably in Churchill Manitoba)
  69. See Nahanni national park reserve. Near Yellow knife
  70. Visit all UNESCO World Heritage sites in Canada (3/21)
  71. Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick
  72. Go see Gros More National Park, NFLD/Labrador
  73. Learn about dinosaurs in the Canadian Badlands, Alberta
  74. Explore Istanbul, Turkey.
  75. Ride in my first ever hot air balloon over Cappadocia, Turkey
  76. Try foods I never would otherwise in Beijing, China
  77. Discover the temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia
  78. Experience Buenos Aires, Argentina
  79. Try Jamon in Barcelona, Spain
  80. Walk the streets in Lisbon, Portugal
  81. Relax on the beach in Honolulu, Hawaii
  82. See Lake Bled, Slovenia
  83. Take a day trip to Montenegro
  84. Get scared in Romania, and find Dracula’s castle
  85. Go to Game of Thrones “King’s Landing” aka the Old Town of Dubrovnik, Croatia.
  86. Bagan, Burma. Medieval temples are still standing. I would love to see them
  87. Stay in Aescher hotel, Switzerland
  88. Climb Haiku stairs, Hawaii
  89. Huacachina, Peruvian desert.
  90. Explore Monument Valley, Utah

90 things to do is enough for now I think!

Anyone have any good places to give me that I missed out on? I’d love to hear them!

Photo of myself standing in front of the 12 apostles, showing how windy it is

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