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Photo Friday – Dinner With A View


Every time I look at this photo, my first feeling is relaxation.

This was taken during my first day in Sydney, after a glorious rain storm.

I had been napping on the lawn behind the Sydney Opera House, and I decided to go wander around the Rocks area. Perfect timing, because as soon as I got lost, Mother Nature decided to give Sydney a rain storm.

It was a bit shocking, because I had never seen the weather, so sunny and beautiful, suddenly turn dark and pour down on the world. I was able to hide under some building (I honestly have no clue where I was. Somewhere in the Rocks area, near a bit of a trail, and hiding with some people under some stairs) so thankfully I wasn’t fully soaked.

After the rain, I decided to go find some dinner.

I know that the area I was in had some much cheaper options, but I really wanted a view of the Harbor Bridge.

And really, could you blame me?

Who knew when I would next be in Sydney and this was my first day, and, have you seen this view? The sunset was just stunning.

I looked around Circular Quay at the restaurants and realized how quickly I could go broke at any of these restaurants. But then I found one with an incredible view that had spaghetti for $18. Win!

I unfortunately cannot remember the name of the restaurant. If we are ever together at Circular Quay I can show you!

I sat down facing the Harbor Bridge, with the Opera House to my right.

I didn’t even want to read the book I had brought, I was too busy watching the sunset over the bridge.

I’m sure you can imagine that I was completely in awe.

The views were spectacular. Honestly.

I will always look back at this photo, feel the relaxation, and think about how perfect a dinner that was.

Photo of myself standing in front of the 12 apostles, showing how windy it is

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