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Discovering Beautiful Puerto Vallarta With Estigo Tours

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Discovering Puerto Vallarta With Estigo Tours was last updated on June 17, 2023.
This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through one of my affiliate links I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you!

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When planning our visit to Puerto Vallarta I knew that I wanted to do something that we usually don’t do at home. Whether snorkelling, ATV riding, parasailing, or riding a dune buggy, Puerto Vallarta has plenty of options for every type of traveller. For our first full day, we decided to book an ATV tour with Estigo Tours. 

Estigo Tours stood out to me from the first time I viewed their website. They have several locations throughout Mexico and provide tours that range from ATV rides to boat trips, from zip lining to horseback riding. You are spoiled for choice when choosing to spend your day with Estigo Tours as they have so many day trips!

Originally we had been planning a horseback riding trip to the Sierra Mountains. This is a 3-hour horseback riding journey that sounded wonderful. However, as people who very rarely get on a horse, we knew we would be quite sore the next day. So we decided to not book the horseback ride. Instead, we chose an ATV tour. 

There are a few different ATV tours to choose from. There are the Coast and Jungle Adventure, the Sierra Madre Mountain Adventure, the ATV and Zip alone tour, and the Botanical Gardens & ATV Tour. 

With four different choices, we knew that we would have a great time no matter which tour we picked. 

Note: I stayed at both The Westin and The Marriott, but I always like to start my accommodations search by using Booking.com!

Discovering Puerto Vallarta With Estigo Tours

The Overview

After reading through each option thoroughly we chose the Coast and Jungle Adventure.

This 4-hour tour takes you along the coast of Banderas Bay, with a stop to see the famous Los Arcos. Next up you drive through the jungle to the Predator movie set. Yes, this is the main reason we chose this tour! After taking photos with the plane and a man dressed up as a Predator, you can take a quick dip in the natural pool there, which you may recognize as the water where Arnie comes out of the water in the movie! 

After, you’ll get back on your ATV to drive to Boca de Tomatlan, a beautiful fishing village where you’ll see some locals fishing with their nets. 

After enjoying drinks and a snack, it’s time to head back to return your ATV. 

Photo of the town, with a seating area

The road we were driving on

Cobbled street with views of the bushy mountains

Small lighthouse on the Malecon

Day of the Dead decorations on the Malecon

Scott and I at a look out point in front of Los Arcos

Your arrival at Estigo Tours

We were given two different options for tour times – 9 am or 2 pm. We went for the 2 pm tour since that allowed us to sleep in as needed (we went the day after we arrived), relax in the morning, and then head over.

We took a taxi from our hotel at the Westin to the Estigo Tours office, and when we arrived we were greeted by the friendly staff. After watching a video of what to expect, we were both given a bandana to put around our necks, just in case the off-roading bits got a bit too dusty. I only used mine once or twice, and only due to my having asthma (better safe than sorry!).

After our welcome, we were told that the tour was just going to be us, as the others who had signed up had cancelled. I always look forward to meeting other travellers while on group tours, but getting a private tour? Way cooler.

I wanted to spend our time enjoying the views rather than focusing on the road, so we chose a double ATV. When signing up for the tour you can either choose a single-rider ATV or a double-rider. This meant Scott got to do the driving of the ATV, which is exactly what he wanted. He had a blast doing the driving, and I enjoyed not driving 🙂 So it was perfect.

Our tour guide for the day was Waldo. He began his career as a mechanic and now leads tours, while still tending to the vehicles. Being a Puerto Vallarta native, he knew all about the city and was more than happy to tell us all about it. If you take a tour with Estigo and get Waldo, you’ll have a great time!

Once we were shown all the different gears and pedals on the ATV, it was time to head out.

Off We Go

Driving through the town was great because we got to see so much of it that we may otherwise not have seen. Since we were there during Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, there were plenty of decorations up for us to admire.

Our first leg was driving along the Coast of the Bay of Banderas on the road, and making a stop at the Los Arcos lookout for photos. A popular snorkelling spot, getting to see Los Arcos from the lookout was gorgeous. Next time I visit Puerto Vallarta I am planning to either snorkel or dive Los Arcos.

A panorama image of Scott and I in front of a look out of Los Arcos

View of Los Arcos

The First Stop; El Eden

Next up was one of my favourite parts of the day – off-roading in the jungle to El Eden. The views we had driving into the jungle were just stunning. Off-roading is so much fun on its own, but doing so in the jungle makes it that much more fun!

View of the mountains where the movie Predator was filmed.

El Eden is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. A natural pool created from the Mismaloya River is surrounded by an open-air restaurant, and many people chose to slide down the natural rock water slide into the pool and get refreshed. While the iced tea that we had was indeed refreshing, the best part for us was the fact that this is where Predator was filmed. Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Predator. After parking in the parking lot area, you walk down some steps to get to the restaurant. Before you turn down to the restaurant though, you get to see the plane that was used in filming Predator. Not only do you get to go inside the plane to check it out, but you also get to pose with a man dressed up as a Predator. I honestly can’t imagine being in that outfit in the heat. He was a champ.

After our time checking out the plane and geeking out, we had some iced tea in the shade and then got ready to head to our next stop.

Get ready for a lot of photos coming up, from our experience at the Predator set and ATV-ing.

Scott and I on an atv, driving through water

Cows blocking the dirt road we were driving up to get to the Predator movie set

Scott and I on an atv, driving through a huge puddle

Scott and I on an atv, driving on the dirt road to the Predator movie set

The plane from Predator, with a man dressed up as a Predator in front of the plane

The outside of the plane from Predator, with the mountains and sky in the background

Inside the plane from Predator, with holes in the floor, and plant overgrowth

A natural rock water slide, where filming for the movie Predator took place

The dirt road entrance to the Predator movie set

The water at the Predator movie set, where you can now swim, and is now a restaurant

Second Stop; Boca de Tomatlan

Leaving the jungle was just as fun as arriving. We both loved off-roading. Between driving the ATV on the road or the jungle, I wholeheartedly choose the jungle. Going over each bump, through each puddle, was so much fun.

Once out of the jungle, we drove along the road once more. Our final stop of the day was the Mexican fishing village Boca de Tomatlan. Fun fact, the opening scene of Predator where the men arrive was filmed on this beach!

Being in Boca, as it is known by the locals, felt like being in the “real” Mexico. Only 11 miles South of Puerto Vallarta, here you’ll find men fishing with giant nets, children and animals playing on the beach, and people relaxing while having a snack at one of the beachfront restaurants. Houses line both sides of the river, and here the ocean flows into the bay.

This is where the tour ends. After relaxing on the beach, it is time to drive back on the road to the Estigo office to return the ATV.

Our drinks and nachos at the beach in the fishing village

The beach where men were fishing, at Boca de Tomatlan

Beach side restaurant tables, with the beach of Boca de Tomatlan

Scott and I at a beach restaurant having drinks and nachos, in a fishing village

Overall Experience With Estigo Tours

We were so glad that we chose this tour. I’m sure that other tours with different companies would have been incredible also, but Estigo was so professional and made sure that we had a safe, great time. I felt like this is a company that truly cares about their customers, and would go above and beyond any time they can.

Both Scott and I agree that this was one of the highlights of our trip, and next time we go to Puerto Vallarta I expect us to be looking into other tours to take with Estigo.

Need To Know About Your Time With Estigo Tours

How long does the tour take? Approximately 4 hours.

Where do you meet? Honduras Street #135, the Estigo Office.

Any age requirements? Yes, the minimum age is 6 years old.

Additional info. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license from their home country.

What’s Included? A bilingual tour guide, a helmet, a bandana, gas, and throughout your journey your guide will be taking photos and videos to send to you for free!

What to bring? Sunscreen, bug spray, driver’s license, swimsuit and towels if you plan to swim.

To note. Please bring cash for your stops. We paid for a photo with the Predator plane and a man in a costume. We didn’t have to, but we wanted to. We also purchased a drink at both restaurants stops, as well as nachos to snack on in Boca.

If you are arriving on a cruise ship you can take a tour. Just give it 90 minutes from docking time. If none of the tour times work, just contact Estigo, they may be able to adjust times for you.

Please tip your guide. Tips are so important in Mexico, and Waldo did an incredible job!

Would you go on an ATV tour?
Do you enjoy the movie Predator?
Would you discover Puerto Vallarta with Estigo Tours?

Thank you to both Scott and Waldo for the photos in this blog post!

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34 Responses

  1. There’s a log of great info here! Also, the. ATVs look like so much fun… I’m going to save this blog for my next PV trip because I have no idea how I skipped the ATVs last time.

  2. Sounds like such a great time!! I would love to be out exploring like this right now!I’ve gone on an ATV tour before and had a blast! It’s one of those things I think you have to do at least once … at least just to say you’ve done it!

  3. I love how much nature there is in the photos – the lush greens, waterfalls and finally beaches! Looks so much fun.

  4. Seeing these pictures and reading these posts reminds me of the many trips to various parts of Asia that I have been on. I love the ATV’s but I’m such a terrible driver! haha!
    My boyfriend LOVES Predator so he would no doubt love this spot!

  5. Puerto Vallarta is so beautiful! I was just there before the pandemic. I will have to save this post for my next visit as I love riding ATVs but didn’t get a chance to do this while I was there!

  6. I would love to go on an ATV tour. That looks so cool and adventurous. I have never been on it before even though it has been on my list for a long time.

  7. This tour looks amazing! I agree with you – I’d opt for the ATVs over 3 hours of horseback riding and go for the afternoon tour so I could sleep in. I love the coastal views and how cool to explore that plane set too. Glad you had a fun!

  8. Estigo Tours sounds like a great tour company! I am always so hesitant just going with a company online but love when I find honest reviews of them. Guess I know what company I am hiring next time I make my way down south! The ATV looked awesome!

    1. Estigo Tours really is a wonderful company! And everyone I met who works there was so nice and friendly. One girl had gone on one of their tours when visiting, and ended up moving to Puerto Vallarta to go work for them!

  9. I would definitely do this! Not only is it adventuresome, it allows you to be independent and explore parts of the island that you might not have access to on foot or by car. I’m not a big organized tour person, so to be able to jump on an ATV and go is really appealing to me. Such fun!

  10. I’ve never done an ATV tour although I know my boyfriend would love to do the driving and I would be like you and like to just check everything out as we drive. That works out pretty well for both. I’ll have to look for this kind of tour next time we’re away, I like that your tour went through so many different areas from the town to more rural areas

  11. This looks fantastic! I love quad bikes and it looks like a fantastic way of exploring. I say that, the horse riding tour also sounds fun too so I’d probably have a very difficult time choosing between them!

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