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Queen Elizabeth Park – Vancouver’s Oasis

Located in the center of the city and 152 meters above sea level, making it the highest point in the city, Queen Elizabeth Park is Vancouver’s Oasis.

I was lucky to visit in Spring when the flowers were beginning to bloom. I can’t even imagine how beautiful it will be there in summer. I sense a picnic happening!

Due to it’s central location Queen Elizabeth Park is SO easy to get to, and only a bus ride from downtown.

Queen Elizabeth Park - Vancouver's Oasis

When you get to the highest point of the park you are rewarded with views like these!

If tropics are what you’re looking for when you finish taking photos of this view, turn around and walk into Bloedel Conservatory. Prices are cheap at $6.50 per adult, and there are over 120 exotic birds and over 500 plants.

Queen Elizabeth Park - Vancouver's Oasis

Since tropics and birds aren’t my thing I spent my time at the park walking the path ways and smelling the flowers.

One of the paths led to these statues. Titled “Love in the rain” I found them to be very fitting with Vancouver as it is known to rain here quite often. I love how visitors are able to lock their own padlocks onto the art, locking in their love.

Aren’t these gardens gorgeous? I loved the tiny stream and waterfall. It is the perfect location to take tons of photos. I know that a lot of artists choose this area as a place to create in the summer and I can see why. Just wandering these paths I felt so inspired. There is something about being in nature that really gets the mind going.

The views of Bloedel conservatory from the gardens down below weren’t too bad either. The dome shape really stands out.

I of course had to get in my favorite shot.

Everywhere I go, if there are trees around, I have to get below the tree and shoot up, looking up at the branches. So simple yet so beautiful.

Queen Elizabeth Park - Vancouver's Oasis

If Queen Elizabeth Park was this beautiful in Spring, imagine how incredible it will be to come here in the summer. I’m already planning to pack a picnic lunch and bring a book, and just relax in the grass.

I’m lucky that I live quite close!

Have you ever been to Queen Elizabeth Park before?
Are you ready for summer?

Queen Elizabeth Park - Vancouver's Oasis

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