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Self-Improvement Resolutions to Make for a Life-Changing New Year

Thank you so much to Stephanie Haywood for this guest post! She blogs over at www.mylifeboost.com so go check her out!

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Self-Improvement Resolutions to Make for a Life-Changing New Year

The new year is fast approaching and so is your chance to make some meaningful resolutions
for self-improvement. Do you need a little help getting started with your list? Here are a few
new year goals you may want to commit to if you want to own 2019:

Take Better Care of Yourself in the New Year

Self-care is the essence of any stress management strategy, so make sure you make more time
for it in 2019. Put a plan together to take better care of any issues that have been bothering
your for the last few months. If anxiety is a constant battle, consider adding CBD oil to your
health and wellness rotation. Because of its natural abilities to tame stress and anxiety, CBD oil
is becoming a go-to for many people. There are virtually no side effects when used as directed,
but you should do your own homework to discover whether the benefits of CBD oil are right for

Changing up your daily habits is another simple way to fold more self-care into your busy
schedule, especially if you can leave some extra time for morning practices. Taking 15 minutes
or so for mindful meditation, gratitude journaling or relaxing yoga can make such a positive
impact on the remainder of your day. Plus, daily meditation has been shown to alleviate
feelings of anxiety, which could help you make 2019 your most relaxed year yet.

Make 2019 Your Year for Career Success

If you really want to thrive in the coming year, you need to take steps to make your career
dreams come true. Goal-setting can be extremely helpful for mapping out your plan for success
so use some weekend downtime to get your own goals organized. Be thoughtful and make a list
of things you would like to accomplish in the long-term, as well as the smaller steps that it will
take to get there.
One smart career goal many aspire to is finding a successful side gig. A side gig is a low-risk way
to try out different jobs that may hold an interest for you, and also generate some
supplemental income. From teaching online courses to setting up an eCommerce site, there are
options that can appeal to millennials and other generations alike. Getting started with
eCommerce can be an especially simple way for tech savvy entrepreneurs to practice owning a
business. Just like goal-setting, being successful with eCommerce means staying practical, but
with some planning you can be well on your way to being a business owner in the new year.
And who says no to extra income?

Give Yourself More Breaks This Year

Success and self-improvement both take a lot of hard work. But it’s also important to take time
for yourself throughout the year. We tend to prioritize most elements of our lives rather than
taking time off, but this could be a major mental health mistake. More people and professionals
are seeing the benefits of taking mental health days and doing their part to reduce the stigma
that still clouds mental health in our society. Just like taking time off for a cold, giving yourself a
day or so to recharge your emotional health can provide the boost you need to power through
your work.

Of course, one day is never enough to truly leave you feeling refreshed. Studies show that
workers who take their vacation days have more focus, and less risk for depression and anxiety,
than those who save their days up. So take a break and take some time to visit with friends or
explore the world. For even more positive benefits for your self-esteem and mental health, you
may also want to consider taking time off social media for the new year.

We all want to make better choices in our lives, and there’s no better way to do so than to start
in the new year. Set some resolutions you will want to stick to, and that will help you find
success, in your personal and professional life. By doing so you could be setting yourself up to
have your best year yet. Here’s to a happy new year and a happier new you!


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