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September Monthly Recap

I love reading other bloggers monthly recaps, yet I rarely write my own. This could be because I always forget, but mostly it’s because I feel like my life isn’t exciting enough to write a monthly recap on. However, this past month was wonderful, and I would love to share it!

Posts written

This month had four new posts.

Brunch At Vancouver’s Jam Cafe

5 Things You Should Add To Your Wind Down Routine

Hiking Lynn Canyon on Vancouver’s North Shore

Exciting Travel Announcement

Movies Seen

It Chapter Two. This movie was excellent. I loved the first one (perhaps a touch more than the second), but I really appreciated how this second chapter delved into the lives of each adult, and how their experiences with IT as children changed and shaped them. I thought it was the perfect partner to the first movie.

Rambo Last Blood. I am a die hard Sylvester Stallone fan. There isn’t a movie I’ve seen of his that I don’t like. While Rocky 4 will always be my favorite, I do love each of the Rambo movies. All the reviews I had read on Last Blood were negative, but we knew we really wanted to see it in theatres. Excellent choice we made! I really enjoyed it, and will definitely be buying it to add to our collection when it comes out.

I  had a friend come visit for a long weekend, before she headed elsewhere in BC. This was SO much fun! Having her here was great.

We went hiking on the North Shore, and I wrote a post all about it, and included some tips for you all.

Hiking Lynn Canyon in Vancouver

We ate at some incredible restaurants.

The first night we saw each other we stumbled upon Deacon’s Corner in Kitsilano. She noticed the “You Gotta Eat Here” sign from across the street, so we headed over. Have you seen that show? I like it.

I got a falafel wrap and fries, and this was one of the best (and cheapest) meals I’ve had yet in Vancouver.

Next up was Jam Cafe. I wrote a whole post about this restaurant, but just to reiterate – do yourself a favor and have brunch here!

Vancouver's Best Brunch, Jam Cafe

That evening we hit up Storm Crow Alehouse with Scott and our friend Rob. This is a “geek” bar, with so much to see in the restaurant. Each table is given a 3 hour time limit, and they have a whole wall filled with board games to play. We ordered several appetizers to share, and spent our time playing jenga, exploding kittens, and other fun games.

The last night that we saw each other we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Biercraft. The food was incredible as always.

September Monthly Recap

September Monthly Recap

And to end our evening and say goodbye to each other, we said farewell over ice cream from Rain or Shine, which is always delicious.

This month was incredible, and I think October is only going to get better!

Coming Up In October

Heading to Puerto Vallarta at the end of the month, so be prepared for lots of posts all about PV when we get back!

Photo of myself standing in front of the 12 apostles, showing how windy it is

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