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Being In Wonderland At The Alice: An Immersive Experience

The Alice: An Immersive Cocktail Experience Pinterest Pin

Vancouver is a city of events, there is always something going on. Right now there is The Alice: An Immersive Cocktail Experience. This is being done by the same organizers behind the Harry Potter inspired Wizards Den, and the upcoming Peter Pan and Aladdin themed experiences.

The idea behind these experiences are to immerse ourselves into a different reality; Neverland, Wonderland, Hogwarts, etc. Over the course of 90 minutes you get to leave the world as you know it behind and be transported somewhere else. And once you arrive, you get to solve riddles to find your cocktail ingredients, eat a little sweet treat, and interact with The Mad Hatter and The Queen of Hearts.

So just what should you expect from The Alice: An Immersive Cocktail Experience? Read on to find out!

Brooklyn crouching behind a painted whimsical tree. The colours are bright from a black light.

The Alice: An Immersive Cocktail Experience

The Alice Experience

After falling through the rabbit hole you enter the waiting area, where you get the first taste of what’s to come. You can purchase drinks from the Red Tart Bar if you desire, before making your way upstairs.

Seeing how much effort went into transforming the room into Wonderland made me appreciate the experience that much more.

Once upstairs you are directed by one of the hosts to your table. If you are a party of two you may share a table with two others. There were three of us and we had a table to ourselves. The tables were beautifully decorated with books, teapots, chess pieces, flowers, and clocks!

Two bird cages on a table, one white and one blue, beside a chess board folded in half with a few pieces on itAlice's legs hanging out from the ceiling, with some leaves and flowers poking through.

During the welcome ceremony we met our hosts; The Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, and the March Hare. The actors were fantastic! You could tell they were having fun performing. During the ceremony we were informed that we had arrived “naked” and were each given a card to pin to our shirts. I was the 8 of Diamonds.

We were given a delicious welcome shooter. This was the Peaches and Cream shooter!

Next we were given two riddle sheets. There were 3 riddles we needed to complete to get our ingredients to make our first cocktail.  The riddles weren’t too hard, they were fun to do, and it was even more fun having to go to different spots in the room to collect your ingredients.

Once you have all your ingredients you mix them into the teapot and mix yourself a bubbling cocktail! This one was pretty strong, and very tasty! The use of dry ice in the stir stick was really cool!

A cocktail in a teacup with a stir stick inside it. The dry ice makes the smoke bubble, and there is an eat me cookie on the saucer.

The menu with the tea pot, vase with paint brushes, and teacup surrounding it

Me holding up my Peaches and Cream welcome shooter

During “intermission” you are given an “Eat Me” cookie to snack on with your cocktail.

Afterwards, The Queen of Hearts and her servant come out and we learn that someone has stolen The Queen of Hearts tarts! After a few rounds of pointing fingers to guess who did it, several people unfortunately lose their heads. Luckily they’re still given the ingredients to make the final cocktail.

Out comes chocolate “paint” for us to create a design on the foam of our cocktail. I thought I was being creative by trying to draw my 8 of Diamonds design, but I failed thoroughly 😉 The guest with the best design won another shooter. This cocktail was not my favorite. It was very sweet and had the taste of grapefruit and cherry, both of which I strongly dislike. I poured the rest of my chocolate syrup paint in it, hoping to make it better, but it made it worse, ha!

After this final cocktail, The Alice Immersive Experience ends. Guests can hang around to take photos in the Red Tart Bar until they close.

My attempt at drawing the 8 of Diamonds card pattern on my cocktail

A vase, white bunny, and candle stick on a table

The Immersive Experience

The actors were FANTASTIC. They stayed in character and were highly entertaining, all while serving the treats and helping out with the riddles. Three actors played five different characters, and made sure all guests were having a special time and feeling included.

The details were so precise, from the Cheshire Cat being all around the room, to the Drink Me vials, from seeing Alice’s legs dangling from the ceiling, to the bird cages and tea pots.

A very full ceiling. You can see vines dangling, flowers falling, lamp shades, and curtains

Looking across the room. The decoration was incredible

A dressing table with mirror on it. On the table are dozens of Drink Me bottles

Overall Thoughts On The Alice Immersive Experience

The experience lasts 90 minutes and costs $45. This includes your welcome shooter, Eat Me cookie, and 2 cocktails. Considering that cocktails in Vancouver can cost up to $18, this is a good deal. The cookie was good, but something to note is that there is no other food here, so eat before you come to soak up that alcohol!

I think this experience was well worth the price, due to the cocktails, the games and riddles, and the show.

Until: 24-Apr-2022

Size: Small, there were 25 guests

Where: Vancouver Alpen Club, 4875 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V5N 4P3

Tickets: Here

Would you enjoy The Alice: An Immersive Cocktail Experience? 

Which world would you want to be transported to?

The Alice: An Immersive Cocktail Experience

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