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Things To Know About Australia

Australia is a magical land filled with lush rain forests, kangaroos, beaches, crocodiles, red sand, hills, bush, and so much more! This is a country I would gladly settle in, and really wish that I could.

I vote that Canadians be allowed to move to Australia with no visa requirements (lol-ing over here).

But actually, Australia is a country where I always felt safe, even when people told me to check my shoes for poisonous spiders and to keep off the grass for fear of being bitten by a deadly snake.

The people were so friendly and everything just made sense.

Soya sauce from restaurants were in cute fish containers that you could squirt right onto your sushi roll. Ketchup packets were square, and to put them on your meat pie you just squeezed the square together and it easily went onto your food.

The mall located near where I used to live had a bathroom for parents. In this bathroom there was a large space for changing diapers, a play place with a TV showing kids shows where you could put the kids in. There was a lock on the outside of the play pen so no child could reach over and get out until the parents opened the door. This was so useful so that way the parents could use the toilet in the parents room without having to chase the children around, and know that they are safe beside you, being entertained by toys and the kids shows.

Since I love this country so much, I thought I would share some fun facts that I have learned about the country over time.

  • Don’t feed the birds – they are crazy! No joke, I was in Brisbane and couldn’t find a seat because of all the Ibis birds roaming the tables and stealing food. The birds have no fear of you, and will eat the food right off of your plate!


  • The reason that kangaroos and emu’s (huge ass bird) is on the Australia coat of arms is because they can’t walk backwards!! I find this such a random reason to have animals on your coat of arms. I’m sure there is some sweet symbolic reason though that I just don’t know about…
  • Having lived in the most livable city in the world, Melbourne, I can tell you with certainty that Melbourne has the best coffee in the world. Seriously, try to go a day without coffee there. I expect you will fail.
  • Over 80% of Australians live within 100 kms of the coast, and only 20% live inland. Who can blame them though, the coast is gorgeous.
  • The internet is crazy slow, as my many failed Skype chats can prove.
  • Also the country is very expensive! Save your money before visiting or you may find yourself stuck in some not so great situations.


  • Australia is home to the oldest rain forest in the world. The Daintree rain forest. If you ever get the chance to go explore the Daintree, I suggest Billy Tea Safaris. My day exploring with them was amazing!

Giant spider that blends into the tree!!
Giant spider that blends into the tree!!
  • Not only does Australia boast the oldest living rain forest, Australia is home to the oldest living civilization!
  • Roads can be very long and empty.
  • To go with the prior point, fill up at every petrol (gas) station you see, especially in the outback, as you do not know when the next one will be.
  • Speaking about the outback, it used to be a giant inland sea. Australia was once shaped like a doughnut!


  • The entire top end (Darwin, and down the East coast) is home to crocs. They are beautiful.
  • Carry cash with you, as not everywhere will accept cards and you don’t want to get stuck without cash!
  • The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure on Earth. We are destroying the reef everyday, so go see it while you can if it is something you want to do. Who knows how much longer it will be there.
  • Australians have crazy slang, so even if you are a native English speaker, expect to be confused sometimes.
  • Bring bug spray. Especially if you are going to the outback, or even just outside of a city. When I went on a tour of the Great Ocean Road I was constantly being attacked by flies. Where do they all even come from??
  • And lastly, don’t forget your camera! Australia is such a stunning country, you’ll want to photograph everything!

Have you ever been to Australia? Any other fun facts you want to share?

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  1. This was such a good read! Australia just looks so beautiful but knowing all of these things makes me want to visit even more (if that’s even possible!)
    x Kenzie // Kenzieblogslife.blogspot.com

  2. I agree with the accent comment– i love the way it sounds! Ive never been but its high up on my list. What did you find that most people did for a living there?

    You know how certain places are known for certain types of work/industries? With the cost of living so high, I’m just curious!

    1. I found a lot of people were travel agents! And tons of people worked in cafe’s or bars. But there is a huge central business district, but I’m not quite sure what kind of jobs were worked from those offices.

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