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Top 10 Exotic River Cruises To Try In This Lifetime

Top 10 Exotic River Cruises To Try In This Lifetime was last updated November 12th, 2023

Thank you so much to Sam Hoffman for this guest post!

There are few of us who have never dreamed of packing their things up and heading on an exotic adventure. There is so much to the world that we are yet to discover, and what better place to start than a river cruise?

If your next trip’s plans are starting to shape up as you read, you will be happy to hear that we have prepared a list of the top ten exotic river cruises that will be an experience of a lifetime for yourself and your loved ones.

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The best thing about river cruises is that they offer an experience for every type of traveler, and for people of all ages! Whether you are looking to get lost in the jungle and witness the mesmerizing wildlife or to just sit back on the cruise ship’s deck while drinking cocktails, you can be sure that you will get the most out of your trip.

But before we get into our list of the top ten exotic river cruises, there is one thing you have to consider when it comes to just about any river cruise. Most of the places you will visit have two seasons – the wet season and the dry season. While both can have their benefits in terms of allowing you to see the place you are visiting in a whole new light, you should do some research on how each season affects the whole set of your travel destination!

1.The Amazon River

The Amazon River is either the longest or the second longest river in the world, due to its close competition with the Nile, but it beats the Nile in the amount of water and the territory it drains. It is also one of the top destinations for curious travelers looking for an adventurous river cruise!

The breathtaking views, the captivating wildlife, and the magnificent culture are the reasons why millions of people follow their wanderlust to the Amazon every year. When you put all that together, it is no wonder that an Amazon river cruise is one of the best destinations for your next trip!

2. The Nile River

Being considered the longest river in the world, you can imagine that the Nile has a lot of amazing sights to offer to curious travelers! There is so much to see when visiting Egypt – the glorious pyramids, the Luxor Temple, the Valley of the Kings, etc.

It is almost impossible to imagine seeing this band of fertility in the middle of a dessert, so if you are planning an exotic river cruise, make sure to consider this surreal piece of heaven.

Note from Brooklyn. As someone who has traveled Egypt, so many fellow travelers told me of their Nile River cruises and how much they LOVED them! Next time I’m in Egypt I fully plan to take a river cruise on the Nile!

3. The Ayeyarwady River

This river is probably not the most visited, or even a well-known tourist attraction for that matter, but it is definitely worth paying a visit. It runs through the length of Myanmar, so due to its post-colonial history, tourism has not really started blooming yet. Therefore, if you are looking for an amazing and exotic cruise but would rather pass on large crowds, Ayeryarwady is definitely the place for you!

4. The Danube River

If you are European, you probably won’t think of this cruise as of an exotic one. On the other hand, if you aren’t, visiting Europe’s second largest river will be an experience of a lifetime! The cruise starts in Germany and ends in Russia, and it takes about eight days for you to see all the majestic views Europe has to offer before Danube empties into the Black Sea.

5. The Yangtze River

Since the Yangtze is Asia’s longest river, it offers a unique experience of exploring China’s many riches. The cruises either start or end in Chongqing, a breathtaking place that is more commonly known as ‘the mountain city’, but all river cruises allow you to witness the Three Gorges, a captivating natural site in China!

6. The Volga River

A cruise on Europe’s longest river begins in Moscow and ends in St. Petersburg, and it allows you to see Russia in a whole different light! Visiting its small picaresque villages and getting to know and understand Russia’s vivid history has never been easier or more beautiful, for that matter! 

7. The Chobe River

If you have been dreaming about partaking in an African safari and seeing the amazing wildlife firsthand, you will definitely love the Chobe river cruises. They take place in Botswana, in the most densely populated area of wildlife, which means that you could watch the lions, leopards, birds, elephants, and other animals from the comfort of your cruise ship!

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8. The Mekong River

This magical cruise takes you through parts of Cambodia as well as Vietnam, allowing you to witness numerous contracts in architecture and the landscape. The best thing about a Mekong river cruise is that it will be versatile in terms of both experiences and sightings. One day you are visiting the Angkor Wat temple complex, the other you are shopping at a floating market – what more could you want?

9. The Rhine River

Back to the Europe-based river cruises! The Rhine river is especially famous for being the center of many different legends and myths, but it is also the best place to get to see the medieval castles and cities as you cruise through Switzerland, France, Germany, and the Netherlands!

10. The Ganges

Getting to know and understand Indian holy life is impossible without mentioning the Ganges. This river is the symbol of their spiritual lives and is also the site where lots of religious rituals take place, so where better to start exploring the Indian culture than right there?

As you can see, there is more to river cruises than meets the eye, but there is surely a perfect exotic cruise for every type of traveler out there. So, if you are looking for an adventure of a lifetime, you already know where to start! Guess it’s time to pack those bags and get ready to create some memories, right?

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Top 10 River Cruises To Try In This Lifetime

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