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Ways That You Can Travel Without Leaving Home

I think we can all agree that right now is a stressful time. There’s so much uncertainty, and things are evolving so rapidly. I feel like each time I read the news there’s something new to learn. But with COVID-19, there are a lot of really cool things you can do from your own home!
Here are my favourites.

Virtual museum tours

Take a virtual museum tour. There are plenty of museums offering virtual tours right now so that you can “get out” without having to leave your home. I love exploring museums, so the fact that I can now do so online is incredible!
Watch the Smithsonian zoos live panda cam.
Quite possibly the sweetest, you can book a 2 hour LIVE cooking class with a grandmother from Italy!
The aquarium here in Vancouver is so incredible, and the sea otters are adorable. Each time I go to the aquarium here, watching them is one of my favorite things to do. You can watch them live on the sea otter cam.

Some more things to do

Create your bucket list. When the world gets back to normal, or as normal as life can be afterwards, people will be needing to scratch that travel itch. Now is the perfect time to get planning! I love researching destinations and updating my bucket list, and I encourage others to do the same.
Explore via Pinterest. Now is the perfect time to get stuck in articles about travel. My favourites to read about are where to eat in a destination, hiking, and hotel reviews.

Travel books to read

On the road. Jack Kerouac
Into the wild. Jon Krakeur
Eat pray love. Elizabeth Gilbert
Under the Tuscan sun. Frances Meyers.
A woman alone. Travel tales from around the globe. Faith Conlon.
The road. Corman McCarthy.
Travel movies to watch
Fear and loathing in Las Vegas.
Vicky. Christina. Barcelona.
Midnight in Paris
Lord of the rings.
Euro trip
Easy rider
Planes trains and automobiles
Roman holiday
Thelma and Louise
Priscilla, Queen of the desert
The beach
Little miss sunshine
Into the air
Chef (also on Netflix is The Chef Show)
I hope this article gives you some inspiration during this time in our lives. And please stay safe!
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One Response

  1. It’s always a pleasure to hear your thoughts! Thanks for sharing – when I see your posts they’re always the first thing I open!

    That said, may I offer you a probable new favorite museum online? The world is small and it wasn’t until my 8th time visiting Singapore that this moved up on the list of things to do (travelers often say just seeing Changi, perennially voted the best airport in the world ❤) I admit I wish I’d discovered it a lot sooner and it’ll be a must-do from now on!


    I also highly recommend the DeYoung , the San Francisco Museum of modern art, and my local favorite, the Asian Art Museum.



    Hope to see you in San Francisco on the other side of Covid19. You’re always welcome visit the world’s favorite city. It might not be completely true that here you’re never more than a block away from a great view, but it wouldn’t be easy to prove it wrong.

    This is a great idea for a blog topic, I do believe you’ve outdone yourself! Anyone else with favorite museums to share?

    Thanks again for sharing, we really appreciate you?

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