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Valentine’s Day Ideas In Vancouver



There is just something so sweet and special about Valentine’s Day. I know so many people think it is over rated and a total cop out. But to me, Valentine’s Day is all about chocolate, the color red, and showing loved ones you care about them.

Your loved ones don’t necessarily need to be a spouse either. Friends, family, co-workers, anyone really!

I used to get so excited in school to hang out Valentine’s Day cards to everyone to show them that I cared. It was so fun!

A lot of people tell me that you should show love all through out the year. WELL DUH! But what’s wrong with having an extra day dedicated to love anyways? I think some people just like to suck the fun out of things…

I’m not doing anything special this Valentine’s Day. Scott will be in class in the evening, so during the day we’ll probably have breakfast in bed together and watch some Bones. My kind of day!

But I was talking to Nikki from In The Momentย and she got me thinking, what kind of activities could one get up to on Valentine’s day in Vancouver?

After a browse on the internet, here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day in Vancouver that I’ve come up with.

  1. There is a Vancouverย hot chocolate festival! Sorry what?! This sounds amazing! There are 29 different cafes participating and 61 different flavours around town. It’s really like a pub crawl, where you can download a map. An entire festival all about chocolate? Sign me up!
  2. The People’s Prom. This is known as the prom that you never had in high school. Everyone from whatever walk of life is invited, and has a huge dance party! It sounds so fun!
  3. Have a sleepover at the Vancouver Aquarium. I wish I was participating in this event! You get to learn about the sex lives of the fish, and have a cook off against other couples. This sounds amazing.
  4. Enjoy a dinner and a dance with Spirit Cruises. A bit pricey, for $125 per person you can enjoy a gourmet buffet and a dance on a luxury yatch while cruises Vancouver’s waterfront. Super romantic!
  5. Stay at the Opus Hotel in Yaletown. This hotel has been repeatedly voted Vancouver’s sexiest hotel. And really, if there’s an excuse to be sexy, it’s Valentine’s day.
  6. Ice skate for free at Robson Square. Yes please!
  7. Or, my favorite thing to do on Valentine’s day, cook dinner together, put your phones away, and talk! Nothing is sexier than paying 100% attention to the other person.

Check out Nikki’s suggestion for Beijing here!

What are you doing this Valentine’s day?

If you could pick one thing on this list to do, what would it be?



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