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Photo Friday – Vancouver’s Gastown Steam Clock


Before moving to Vancouver, I did a LOT of research. Things to do, where to go, where to eat, anything that made Vancouver special. One thing that kept popping up all over the place while doing my research was Vancouver’s Gastown Steam clock.

Gastown is one of Vancouver’s “neighborhood’s” (I say neighborhood’s because I’m not sure if it is technically a neighborhood or just a tourist area that can be called a neighborhood, so let’s go with calling it a neighborhood). It is a famous touristy area with lots of restaurant’s, little shops, is right next to the water, and has lots of cute little walkways. I love spending some time in this area. But what Gastown is most famous for, in my opinion, is the steam clock.

This steam clock is one of the few steam clock’s that remain working in the world, and the tourists and locals alike love to gather round to watch it go off. Every time I have passed this steam clock there have been loads of people eagerly waiting to watch the steam come out and the whistles blow, with camera’s at the ready. It is fun!

Fun fact about this steam clock, it was built in 1977 as a monument for people to come to the area. Gastown is known as the area that started Vancouver, as the city was built around that area. The town needed more locals and tourists to come to the area as at that time Gastown was known for being a bit shady and filled with cheap drug deals.

So in comes the steam clock!

After the steam clock was built, businesses and tourists began to return to the area, which is now known for being fun and a “go to” area to visit.

I love how the steam clock, something so simple, is such a fun sight to see for both tourists and locals alike. The steam goes off every 15 minutes, and every hour the whistles go off.

Have you ever been to see the steam clock?

Where is your favorite monument?



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