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What To Wear In Greece – The Ultimate Women’s Packing List

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If you would have asked me to list the top 20 countries I want to visit, Greece would never have been on that list. I dream of destinations like Egypt, or New Zealand, Croatia, or Vietnam, Cambodia or Belize. But now that I have been to Greece not only can I see why everyone loves it, but I think you need to visit too!

With the blazing hot summers, temperate winters, cobblestones to navigate and historic sites to dress respectfully at, read on to see just what you need to bring to on your trip to Greece.

This post on what to wear in Greece covers both the mainland and the Greek islands, and includes useful information to help make sure you pack appropriately!

What To Wear In Greece

Average Climate In Greece

Thinking about climate before you travel is essential to assuring you have a great trip. Greece has the largest coastline in Europe, and as such, the weather changes depending on where you are in the country. Be sure to check the weather for all the areas of the country you’ll be in, as you can have hot days on the islands, but it could be more mild with some rain inland.  Temperatures are typically higher in the south part of the country, and cooler up North.

In Spring you can expect the best weather. Cooler nights, warm days without the intense heat of summer. The water is chilly, but you can still swim. This is the perfect time to do any hiking you want, as you won’t melt. And, the ferries are beginning to ramp up service, so getting around will be easier.

The average temperature for springtime in Greece is anywhere from 20 C (68 F) – 29 C (84 F).

In Summer is when it gets hot, hot, hot. This is when most people visit Greece, but personally, I don’t recommend it. The weather is too hot, there are far too many people, prices for everything increases, and you can’t escape the crowds.

The average temperature for summertime in Greece is 29 C (84 F) – 33 C (91 F).

In Fall, the temperatures cool down, the sea is quite warm for swimming, and the crowds dissipate. If you’re looking for decreased prices and temperature, this is the perfect time to travel Greece.

The average temperature for autumn in Greece is 29 C (84 F) to 23 C (73 F).

In Winter, temperatures are still relatively warm enough to be out in a light jacket or layers, but depending on which part of the country you’re in, you can even ski on snow! The ferries run less frequently and getting around requires a bit more attention, but prices are the lowest they’ll be, and there will be far less people.

The average temperature for wintertime in Greece is 23 C (73 F) – 13 C (55 F).

Brooklyn in a long blue patterned dress and black sweater, with a view of the white buildings of Santorini behind her
A long blue dress and light black sweater for when it was chilly

Brooklyn in a traditional red Greek Dress and scarf around her head. In a dining room

Me in traditional Greek dress.

When You Should Visit Greece

I am a firm believer that travel during the shoulder months are the best time to travel. The locals in Greece ALL told me to avoid travelling the country in summer, as this is when there are the most tourists. Even the local Athenians try to get out of Athens, preferring to go to one of the islands.

This rules out July and August if you don’t want to get heat stroke and want to be able to see the sights you spent your hard earned money for.

I went in May and found the weather to be perfect. We had light rain in Athens, but it was still warm and comfortable. When on the islands I still swam in the Aegean sea, but I will admit, it was…refreshingly chilly. The boat captain on our boat day in Paros told me that to have the best water temperature for swimming, a visit in September would be best.

Personally, I would love to have my next visit to Greece be in September!

Brooklyn in front of the windmills of Mykonos, in a blue patterned dress.
Long, light dresses are perfect for Greece!

What To Do Before Packing For Greece

Lay out all of your clothes. This way you have a visual of your outfits, and can try mixing and matching, that way you know what looks good together before you go.

Try on all of your outfits. Before you end up adding unnecessary items to your suitcase, try on all of your clothing options, just to be sure.

Pack everything using packing cubes. Packing cubes are a lifesaver! I organize what goes in which packing cube, that way I’ll know which packing cube contains what.

For example, one cube has undergarments and my bathing suit, another dresses, another flowy pants and shirts, etc.  Once you have everything organized into the cubes, you can practice packing them all into your chosen carry on or suitcase.

Pro packing tip: Greece has mostly cobblestone streets, so it’s very easy to trip. Don’t wear heels unless you’re okay with possibly twisting an ankle! Stick to comfortable, steady shoes. 

I am basing this packing list for Greece on a 2 week trip. 

Brooklyn with her arms up in the air, with views of the Aegean sea behind her
Flowy pants, a tank top, and kimino.

What To Wear In Greece

2 tank tops, for me one white and one black, to wear under kimonos.

15 pairs of underwear. This may seem excessive, but if you’re on a hike, then showering for dinner, you’ll want a new pair. I also usually end up doing laundry once during my travels, so 15 pairs is perfect.

6 pairs of socks.

7 Dresses. I alternate between long and knee length dresses.

One Skirt. This can be worn with a tank top and kimono, or a linen shirt. While I was visiting Meteora women had to be wearing a long skirt. I wore a long dress and was fine, but it’s a good idea to bring the skirt just in case.

3 Pairs of flowy pants.

2 kimonos. I got this one and this one, and they both were great to throw overtop of a tank top.

2 linen shirts. Greece can get quite hot, and to protect your skin from the sun it’s a good idea to have a longer sleeved linen shirt or two.

1 pair of biker shorts, to wear under dresses.

1 pair of sneakers. Like I mentioned, a lot of Greece is covered in cobblestones, so sneakers are a good choice when out walking.

1 pair of sandals. I wore these when on the beach or around the hotels.

What Toiletries To Bring

Electronics To Pack For Greece

  • Universal adapter. This is the one I have and love!
  • Camera
  • All of your electronics chargers!
  • Headphones
  • E-Reader
  • Power Bank

What To Wear On The Plane

I will always be a leggings and t-shirt on the plane kind of girl.

On long haul flights I crave whatever comfort I can get, so a pair of leggings and a looser t-shirt is always my go to. I always also bring on a long sleeve shirt for warmth, or a sweater depending on the destination.

I personally usually get hot on planes, so it’s unlikely I’ll end up wearing the sweater on the plane. But I do love to use it for an extra blanket, or when getting off the plane in cooler destinations.

What to wear in Greece, a packing list Pinterest Pin
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