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Where To Eat In Puerto Vallarta – Victor’s Place

Views of the marina from our table

I titled this post “Where to eat in Puerto Vallarta – Victor’s Place” but perhaps I should have titled it “The ONLY place you need to eat at in Puerto Vallarta”, because in my opinion I could happily go back to PV and only eat at Victor’s Place, it is THAT good!

I wanted to eat at the best places I could while in Puerto Vallarta, and I know for a fact that I succeeded when it came to Victor’s Place. With so many options in the Marina Zone, which is the zone where we stayed at both the Westin and the Marriott, it can be hard to choose where to fill your belly.

I did a ton of research online to help us pick where to eat our first meal in Mexico. There were a few places I was thinking of, but I kept going back to Victor’s Place in my mind because the reviews were fantastic. The reviews, plus the fact that it was only a ten minute walk away from our hotel, made the choice very easy. Victor’s Place it was!

A small table with a margarita, corona, and nachos on. Past the table is a boat on the water.

Victor is the owner of the restaurant and he runs the kitchen. I unfortunately didn’t get to meet him personally, as he was sick and taking some much needed rest while we were in town, but everyone tells stories of how incredible he is. His wife Sofia stands out front, and welcomes everyone into the restaurant. She was so lovely! She told us how they’ve been running the restaurant for around 20 years, and she welcomes so many people in with a huge smile and hug.

The Location

The location for Victor’s Place is smack dab in the Marina Zone, which is where we stayed. Here is where you will find most of the all inclusive resorts, and the beach front hotels. The proximity to the airport is a huge bonus. While not much “action” happens here other than the hotels, the marina itself is quite beautiful. One of our first nights there, the marina had a market along the boardwalk, with tons of crafts and different foods. This was really cool to check out.

Since the marina isn’t within walking distance to downtown, you would think Victor’s Place may not be that popular. This would be very wrong! Many locals that we spoke to about Victor’s Place would tell us how much they loved eating there, and they would come to the marina zone just for the food.


The food

Have you ever eaten somewhere where the food is just so good, it’s all you can think about for weeks afterwards? I hadn’t until I tried their veggie fajitas. One would think a veggie fajita is a veggie fajita, once you’ve had one you’ve had them all. I truly don’t know what the chef’s did to make these fajitas so good, but I could eat the world’s most elegant fajita (is that even a thing?) and I don’t think it could come even halfway close to how delicious these ones were.

On the first night we ate there Scott got the beer battered fish. With the fish he had some veggies and mashed potatoes. The complete opposite of me, Scott doesn’t get excited by food, or really crave anything, but he still talks about that meal. Having tried a bite of his potatoes I can confirm, delicious!

Next time he had fajitas as well, and while he said the fish was better, he still loved them. (Check out photos and the menu on Yelp)



When ordering the fajitas you have the choice of flour or corn tortillas. I tried both, and while I typically prefer flour tortillas, these corn tortillas were amazing.

The food there is so scrumptious, I don’t get how they take such simple ingredients and make the best food I’ve ever eaten.

Also to note; each time you order something, whether it be a drink, more free chips and salsa, or more food, they bring you a shot of tequila. When you strike up conversation, they bring you a shot of tequila. When you go to pay your bill and leave, they bring you a shot of tequila and a dessert drink made of Kahlua. All of this alcohol is complimentary. They want you to have a great time, and come back.

The prices are a bit higher than what you can expect to pay in some other zones, but considering the fact that the marina zone is in a more luxurious area, the free alcohol they give, the views of the marina, and the taste of the food, more than worth it!


I’m not lying when I say that I would go back to Puerto Vallarta specifically to eat at Victor’s Place again. In fact, I really hope to one day!

Where is a restaurant that you would travel the world for?

Thank you Scott for taking these photos, edited by me.

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