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Where To Eat In Vancouver – Mount Pleasant

Last updated May 25, 2020

Vancouver is home to many bars and restaurants, so many in fact, that it can be quite difficult  to choose which one to eat at! Luckily living in this city we are spoiled for choice, as is to be expected in a city as diverse as Vancouver. With so many different cuisines, you can eat something different every time you go out.

There are too many different restaurants in this city to all be named in one post, so I thought it would be fun to break it down by neighborhood.

This post is going to focus on the neighborhood I am most familiar with, Mount Pleasant.

Mount Pleasant is so easy to navigate. A very safe neighborhood to walk in (but as always, take precautions when out walking alone at night), all of these places I’m about to mention are within a half hour walking distance of the Canada Line, a part of Vancouver’s subway system. Also in the area are various bus routes. Most common to get to the restaurants are the 99, 09, and 15.

Where To Eat In Vancouver – Mount Pleasant

Sushi California– Sushi California is my all time favorite place to get sushi. The rolls are huge, the food is cheap, and always high quality. The menu has a large variety, with noodles, sashimi, tempura, gyoza, maki rolls, soup, udon, teryaki.

My recommendation – Vege Vege Roll, Yam Tempura Roll, and the Crispy Avo Roll. 

BierCraft – My favorite restaurant that is close by. The atmosphere is relaxed, the food delicious. There are lots of tapas to share, and over 120 Belgian and Craft beers to choose from. They serve you popcorn when you sit down which is so delicious!

My recommendation is the Veggie burger with half fries and half salad. And an appetizer? The black bean tacquitos!

Scott Recommends the braised beef mac and cheese.

Update, Biercraft has changed their menu, but the food is still delicious!

Where To Eat In Vancouver, Mount Pleasant

Where To Eat In Vancouver, Mount Pleasant

Where To Eat In Vancouver, Mount PleasantWhere to Eat In Vancouver, Mount Pleasant

Where To Eat In Vancouver, Mount Pleasant

New India Buffet – I love this place! As someone who hasn’t eaten much Indian food and truly has no idea what to order, going to this buffet is always the best because I can try as many different dishes as I’d like, and figure out what dishes I like best. You can also order online for delivery or pick up, but going in to the buffet is my favorite.

My recommendation – The Veggie Pakoras, they are so delicious and I always go back for more.

Peaceful Restaurant – I first heard of Peaceful Restaurant because my grandparents saw them featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Since I am a big fan of Guy Fieri I knew I needed to check this place out. It is so delicious! I love Chinese food, and every item I’ve ordered has been great. We’ve eaten both in the restaurant and at home. Each time the food was hot, fresh and oh so delicious.

My recommendation – The stir fried noodles. 

Fable Diner – The food, made with local ingredients, is very fresh. The milkshakes are huge and thick. The atmosphere is a contemporary diner. We were wandering around Main Street, trying to figure out where we should go get dinner, when we walked past the Fable Diner. The restaurant was nearly full, so we took that as a good sign. Since then we’ve been back a few times, and it has never disappointed.

Recommendation – All of the food, and the Chocolate PB milkshake. 

Rain or Shine Ice Cream – We stumbled upon this place after having dinner at Biercraft and thought we would try it out for dessert. Best decision! The long lines out the door sure don’t lie. This ice cream is high quality. Even in winter this ice cream shop is always busy.

My recommendation –  Malted Chocolate. 

Where To Eat In Vancouver, Mount Pleasant


The Rogue – This is a nice restaurant to go to for happy hour. The happy hour menu is quite large, giving you many options at a great price.

My recommendation – The cauliflower and squash taco, and the Vancouver Craft Mule.




Places I have yet to eat at but have heard excellent reviews of

  • Vij’s
  • Cafe Glouster
  • The Firewood Cafe
  • Moi Cafe
  • Yolks
  • Marulilu Cafe
  • Fat burger
  • 33 Acres Brewing Company
  • Martini’s

There are so many more restaurants in Mount Pleasant than I have on this list, so if you’re ever in the neighborhood, try some out!

Where would you most want to eat?
Where do I need to try next?


Where to Eat In Vancouver, Mount Pleasant

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