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Where To Travel This January

It’s after the holiday season and you are tired and ready to relax. What better time to plan a trip! I feel like January is the perfect month for travel because it is typically cheaper to travel. There are less crowds, things are slower paced after the busy season, and prices are much lower than they are in December. Where to travel this January? From snow to sun, January travel offers up loads of choices. Let’s dig in!


One of the best months of the year for Mexico travel is January. Now is the midst of the dry season, so you can expect hot sunny days, but without the crowds of December. Now is the time for whale watching in Mexico! From December to March each year, whales make Mexico home. They come to mate and birth their calves (from their mating the year before) around mid-March.

View of Los Arcos

Melbourne, Australia

When I lived in Australia I moved there in January. Melbourne was the perfect choice for me, since it is such a beautiful and artsy city. There are incredible coffee shops all over the city, and lots of delicious cafes to stop in to. But the main event? The Australian Open. The Australian Open was the first big event I attended in Australia. While I’m not a tennis fan, it was so much fun to be there and see thousands of people so excited for the games.

The weather is quite hot as it is summer time still, so bring lots of sunscreen, and have fun!

Photo of the Loch Ard Gorge, the ocean very blue

New York

Both times I visited NYC have been in January, and guess what? It was perfect! One year was quite cold, but the next year the weather was cool enough for a jacket, but not too cold at all. The great thing about NYC is that there are different events going on in the city no matter the time of year, so there is always something going on for you to do. The ice skating rinks from Christmas are still up, there is something still magical about the city, though the holidays are over.

Billboards in Times Square, NYC, showing the Phantom of the Opera billboard


Vancouver is another city that’s great to visit no matter the month. Like NYC, there is always something going on. In January the weather is sometimes dark and rainy, but up in the mountains there’s plenty of snow for skiing and snowboarding, or even just for renting out a cabin to curl up and relax in. With so many restaurants, breweries, hiking trails, and much more, Vancouver is perfect for January travel.

Hiking Lynn Canyon in Vancouver

Where would you like to travel to in January?
What would be your dream destination for after the holidays?

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